Yoga Pants show good temperament, the whole looks beautiful, generous and fashionable

Yoga Pants show good temperament, the whole looks beautiful, generous and fashionable.

The first choice for the matching of yoga pants is the style of high waist line.

After wearing it, it gives people a gentle and intellectual feeling.

Don’t choose too slim style.

It will make people feel tacky.

The cowboy coat is versatile and can be matched with all kinds of clothes.

However, if the coat is loose, it is not suitable for girls with large breasts, and its legs are relatively short.

Suit coat and cowboy coat can be matched boldly, which looks cool and feminine.

You can also choose other bottoms, such as wide leg pants.

The lower body wears a long coat to cover the ass, and the upper body wears a short coat to expose the slender waist.

The upper body is matched with a short coat, and the coat can choose a style similar to the wide leg pants.

Today’s sharing of these sets of clothes is an unmistakable collocation.

They look good in every way.

They are all thin in collocation.


The blue suit jacket + legged pants is a loose style, with a low waist line and thick exposed thighs.

It feels casual and lazy.

It looks good with a pair of straw wool sneakers.

The red round neck Pullover Sweater is very fashionable.

The hairy decoration at the neckline is very beautiful.

It can help you show white.

White single shoes + white loose leg pants are very fresh.

The matching of white loose wide leg pants has a full increase effect.

However, whether the trouser legs are so long is a big problem.

Generally, the length of denim pants is 7-8 cm, while the length of wide leg pants is 8-10 cm.

Measure yourself according to your height.


The first set of white shirt + white skirt is the combination of shirt + leg skirt.

The color of the shirt is a little off white and white.

White is thin, so it is better to match the off white skirt with white T-shirt.

At the same time, the collar design of the shirt can also help you modify the defects of your neck, and the loose large collar can raise your height.

At the same time, it is matched with a light gray suspender cowboy coat.

The suspender cowboy coat is more fashionable.

It is matched with a skirt to create a slim effect and show a little body.


The black loose sweater + blue jeans is also a combination of shirt + wide leg pants.

The loose large sleeve design shows a thin effect, which is also good.

At the same time, the loose design is also more suitable for petite girls.

You can use the shirt to increase the effect.

It is matched with a double breasted loose sweater.

The loose sweater looks very fashionable and atmospheric.

It is matched with blue denim wide leg pants.

The pants are wine red with a little leopard print design, which is very personalized.


Purple sweater + cowboy wide leg pants are also loose design, and the large sleeves are purple,..

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