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Yoga returns to the tranquility and elegance of women

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Yoga allows you to return to the tranquility and elegance that women have when you breathe and breathe, so that women who work in the noisy and busy market can be quiet and hidden in the city, and create their own blessed land and cave from the flashy and noisy world.

All along, this society has put more and more pressure on women.

The man said that women have to take good care of the family.

But women should not only do housework, but also fight against all kinds of competition in a cruel society for family and material wealth.

Men say women have to take care of children.

But women not only have to take care of their children, but also wash men’s smelly socks and dirty underwear every day.

She takes care of the family alone, just like an old mother.

The man said that women should be beautiful and take them out to have face.

But the beauty of women needs to be taken care of.

They need a lot of expensive skin care products and well-tailored and high-quality clothes.

Can you afford it, man? Men say that women have to be sexy in order to keep their heart.

But a woman’s sexy body needs time to accumulate and shape.

She works hard at work every day, washes and cooks after work, and no one shares a heavy life for her.

Where does she have time to be sexy? Women want to be beautiful, sexy, omnipotent nanny to take care of the family and earn money.

Why do such women want men? Every woman should not struggle to live – a real woman is constantly using wisdom to solve life problems, make herself more elegant and better.

Put down your busy work, throw away your laundry, pull out the thorn in your heart and go to a yoga class! Find yourself in soothing music, eliminate distractions in the extension of limbs, burn fat in the sweat, and glow and take on a new look in the operation of Qi and blood! Yoga teaches you that inner enrichment is the real skill.

Those external things are floating clouds.

You have lived a simple but high-quality life.

Yoga women are like water, with slender limbs, thin waist and soft body, but they have stubborn persistence in their hearts.

If they fall in love, they will not turn back, just like their insistence on yoga every day! Women who practice yoga know “balance” best “In fact, she has enough enthusiasm in her heart.

Peace requires her to think about more important things! Most of them are kind and honest, face the secular world, self, and don’t follow.

She loves you, but she won’t stick to you! It’s easy to make a yoga woman happy! But it’s difficult to please! They don’t love money and wealth, but they want the realm, but your quiet company is enough to make them happy She is happy.

Most of the pleasure of Yoga women comes from a strong heart.

Maybe you don’t have to do anything.

Just live a simple life and accompany at ease! She loves food, but she also knows how to control! Because yoga women know best that “thin is not a figure, lines are the king”.

She will eat in front of her lover and will not pretend to have a pigeon stomach.

Of course, she may also prefer vegetarian and healthy food! Women who practice yoga understand that “happiness comes first” and will never let themselves live under heavy pressure! Detached from simplicity, I don’t want to eat fireworks between people.

My face is like still water.

My heart is very romantic.

Some words can only be understood by yoga women! She never worried about falling in a crowded place, let alone being laughed at by others, because she had experienced such things countless times when conquering every yoga pose! In the eyes of Yoga women, the eyes of the outside world are not so important.

Every day is a new day.

Yoga women, because they spit out the old and accept the new, have a clear state of mind, fresh and refreshing, full of fresh and active breath of life.

Their breath is fresh and fragrant, such as the initial hair of hibiscus and the pistil of Begonia.

Yoga women have won the will of hundred steelmaking and the wisdom of soft fingers, so they can lift weights like light, turn complexity into simplicity, light and elegant, so they speak softly, tender and feminine.

Yoga woman, she has a thorough understanding of Zen in meditation, so she can be detached, practice calmly, and walk in the world of fireworks, which is a little less like a mother-in-law.

Yoga woman, every bone and every inch of skin on her body are alive and soft.

Every inch of her body can move, laugh and sigh.

Yoga women, years are quiet, obedient and pleasant to them.

They will never scream or scold loudly.

Their actions are all quiet and good.

She has her own preferences and beliefs.

Her heart is soft and compassionate.

She knows how to know kindness and cherish blessings.

She has seen the unbearable of the world but still has the ability to love others.

She has experienced the pain of life but still can forgive those bad things.

She is calm and calm.

Her pattern is open.

Her heart is like water, but she still laughs and makes trouble.

She lives a real life regardless of yoga, body, heart Spiritual unity is a kind of cultivation, calm, detached, but inclusive.

Women practicing yoga are more like a mirror, highlighting the essence of yoga.

If you are not strong enough, if you can’t accept independence, strength and persistence, don’t fall in love with yoga women.

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