Yoga, the more you practice, the better the 5 signs and 5 actions will get you started!

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Sow the seeds of wheat in winter and harvest the next year.

Yoga is the same.

Harvesting takes a process.

Yoga can not be completed overnight, but it is not the last harvest.

It is improving and changing every day.

Yang’s self-confidence on your face, you begin to recognize yourself and like yourself from the bottom of your heart.

When you are better than others, don’t be arrogant, don’t be impatient, don’t compare at will.

When you meet a place inferior to others, you don’t lose heart, you don’t sink, you don’t envy.

Accept your shortcomings and deficiencies with an ordinary heart, constantly sharpen yourself, improve yourself and practice hard.

No matter what others say or think, they will never feel inferior, not because of their age and appearance, not because of their family and wealth.

They know they are not good enough, but they will be better in the future.

On the road of growth, I know how to cherish myself more and more.

I am not afraid of years and age.

I am confident and determined to pursue the life I want in the way I like.

You can relax and relax freely.

Now you know how to take practical actions to cultivate your emotions, which is more useful than any health preservation.

You know, despite countless abilities, all efforts are wasted once the bad mood breaks out.

The best-selling author he Quanfeng once told a story in the book: the head of the Department of Cardiology of a well-known university had a heart attack and his condition was very serious.

After experiencing the near death, he began to seriously think about his life.

During the three months in hospital, he sorted out his life experience, and then summarized two life rules.

These two rules of life are not good prescriptions for health care.

But two particularly simple ways of dealing with the world: code one, don’t waste your energy on trivial things; Rule 2, everything is a small thing.

In life, many physical problems are emotional problems.

Emotional problems can be summarized in four words: “idle people harass themselves”.

Self disciplined people’s life is shining.

For you, yoga every day is like a repeated mechanical action.

In fact, it is to bring you the freshest energy.

You often say that if you don’t practice all day, you’ll feel uncomfortable all over.

Wang Xiaobo said that all people’s pain is essentially anger at their incompetence.

Self discipline is the fundamental way to solve the pain of life.

Whether in school, in the workplace, or in personal life, those who have the utmost self-discipline have a hanging life.

As Teddy Roosevelt said, “with self-discipline, there is nothing you can’t do.” Sticking to yoga does not depend on external pressure, but on internal motivation.

In fact, it is the consciousness of self-discipline.

Only by integrating this consciousness into the blood can we stick to it.

Quiet beauty is better than everything.

Sometimes, if you feel too noisy around, you will close the windows, mute your mobile phone, play some comfortable music, and focus on a book and a cup of tea.

You begin to know how to get along with yourself.

The beauty of quiet is better than everything.

Quiet people never overwhelm each other with external momentum.

On the contrary, they have a power of concentration and admiration.

To be a quiet person is often strong enough.

Have the strength to make disputes quiet, and have the ability to protect their own silence.

Therefore, the more quiet people are, the more powerful they are.

Instead of showing the world who I am, I put myself in a low attitude to observe the world and find the right position to be myself.

The more content a person has in his stomach, the less vocal he is; On the contrary, people with a little knowledge love to boast about their abilities.

Quiet, quiet, peace of mind, people will be quiet.

No matter how old you are and how busy you are, you are still willing to learn, explore and embrace new knowledge.

Never lose yourself and give up your dreams because of your family and children.

Strive to live every day with a sense of ritual, record every small moment of progress and happiness, be willing to find the fun of ordinary life, and let daily necessities bloom.

Enjoy yoga, love travel and know that good health is the greatest capital of future life.

On the way of pursuing dreams, always maintain a young attitude, always full of tears, and will not be rubbed away by years.

If you write a letter to yourself, you will say: dear, may you always remember that trying to make yourself a better person is more important than anything.

Maybe the process of shaping yourself hurts, but in the future, you will be grateful to yourself who is trying hard to become better now.

These five signs show that yoga is integrating into your blood.

If you haven’t started yoga yet, don’t worry.

It’s never too late to start yoga.

Please believe that there are better scenery and better people waiting for you.

Stiffness is more suitable for practicing yoga, because it neutralizes your stiffness and gives your body some flexibility! Most importantly, yoga can also adjust your physical and mental posture, so that you can treat life in a more peaceful and focused way! Today, I share a yoga sequence suitable for beginners.

The action is simple.

You can start with these actions first! 1.

The simple sitting starts from the simple sitting, adjust the breathing, pay attention to the downward force of the sciatic bone, extend the spine upward, keep the shoulders sinking, and stay for 3-5 minutes.


In the downward dog pose, withdraw from the previous action, enter the downward dog pose, pay attention to the external rotation of the big arm, extend the spine, and the sciatic bone backward and upward, and stay for 3-5 breaths.


In the warrior pose, withdraw from the downward dog pose, move the right leg towards the middle of the hands, and rotate the right hip outward, Bend the right leg to the vertical heel and enter the Warrior II pose.

Stop for 3-5 breaths.


Inhale in the triangular pose.

Straighten the right leg, extend the spine to the right, exhale, tighten the core, straighten the left hand upward into the triangular extension pose, stop for 3-5 breaths, and then return to the downward dog pose.

Move 3-4.

Change sides.


Exit the double angle pose from the previous action.

Separate the legs laterally, and the feet are longer than one leg,, Inhale with your toes forward, extend your spine, exhale, tighten your core, fold your hips forward, clasp your back fingers, keep your hands away from your body, and stay for 3-5 breaths..

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