Yoga weight loss misunderstanding, to remember Oh! Six movements, bid farewell to the fat body and find a slim and good figure!

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Some girls practice yoga every day, but their body shape has not changed over time.

This should be the mistake of practicing yoga to lose weight.

So what are the misunderstandings of Yoga weight loss? What should we pay more attention to? Let’s have a look.

Four typical misunderstandings of Yoga weight loss 1 The more intense the warm-up, the more full it will be? Yoga belongs to static movement.

It pursues breathing and meditation in the process of practice.

It can be completed only with inner peace.

When warming up, if you choose dynamic dance or aerobics, your brain and muscles will be too excited to enter the state required by yoga.


The more you sweat, the more you lose weight? Yoga is not a simple action.

It needs to be combined with breathing and meditation.

It requires the unity of body and mind.

At the end of yoga class, we should feel physical relaxation, spiritual relaxation and comfort from inside to outside, rather than sweating.


The higher the difficulty, the better? There are many yoga movements.

Beginners can start by learning simple movements.

If exercise is difficult, some friends will be difficult to do, so don’t force yourself to do it.

You can practice simple first to improve your muscle strength and flexibility, and then try more difficult exercise.


Just be beautiful? If you practice by yourself, you will focus too much on the action itself and often ignore meditation and breathing.

If the practitioner does not understand the body and the limit, it will increase the possibility of injury.

Some people think that postural practice is the most important.

They only care about the beauty of posture, not movement and breathing.

However, yoga has both inside and outside.

Postural method is only a part of it, and meditation and breathing are the most important.

Some wrong ideas about yoga weight loss 1 Only people with soft body are suitable for practicing yoga.

Although the body can become soft by practicing yoga, not only people with soft body are suitable for practicing yoga.

So when you practice yoga, you just need to pay attention to moderation, not the size of the movement.


Yoga is stretching.

Yoga is mainly a combination of mind and breathing to complete the posture.

It is a combination of movement and static.

Therefore, what it pays most attention to is energy balance.

It uses breathing to achieve the purpose of driving body movement, which is not a simple stretching action.


Yoga is only suitable for women.

Although yoga is very popular with women, it is not unique to women.

In fact, men can also use yoga to relax and relieve stress if necessary.


Practice yoga at a fixed time every day.

I remember someone said: Yoga is not a sport, yoga is a way of life.

It’s best to integrate yoga into your life instead of doing it several times a week.


Practicing yoga needs to be vegetarian.

You must practice fasting yoga before practice.

You never force practitioners to be vegetarian, but with practice, you will gradually find that your body and mind are developing in a good direction and like a lighter and healthier diet.

It’s best to have an empty stomach before yoga practice, but if you feel hungry, eat some fruit or drink a glass of milk.

Especially for practitioners with low blood sugar, they need to add a little sugar before practice.

After practice, it’s best to wait 30 minutes before eating.

Yoga Fitness precautions 1 Release pressure in the process of yoga fitness, first slowly relax your fingers, toes and chin, then your head will become blank and your body will follow.

Only in this state, it is easier and more effective to do the specified yoga movements.

And on the whole, people can also take yoga as a pleasant enjoyment in a relaxed state.

Then you can find that the more relaxed you are, the longer you will maintain a posture.


Good attitude because I have just learned yoga, I often practice a lot of repetitive movements, but some yoga teachers teach in different ways.

If the practitioner is tired of repeating monotonous movements, try to learn the yoga movements that others are learning.

In the process of doing actions, no matter when there is no great pressure, just take a deep breath, relax and maintain a normal state of mind.

There is no need to be too nervous.

If you want to say goodbye to your fat body and find a slim body, you can try this group of strength Yoga today.

01 goddess preparation, inhale, put your hands on the back of your head, thigh parallel to the ground, lower leg vertical to the ground, exhale, tighten the core, bend your side to the right, alternate left and right for one time, repeat the exercise for 8-10 times 02 hold your hands on the ground, kneel your knees into your four feet, kneel and exhale, tighten the core, lift your knees off the ground, alternately straighten your left and right legs, keep your toes on the ground, and keep your hips stable, Repeat 8-10 times 03 keep the basis of the previous action, inhale with the back pressure of the feet, alternately raise the left and right lower legs and exhale backward, close the core, push the sitting bone upward to the downward dog pose, dynamically practice 8-10 times 04 withdraw from the previous action, enter the downward dog pose, inhale, raise the right leg backward, exhale, close the core, bend the knee of the right leg, touch the chest and then touch the right wrist, and then restore, After 8-10 times of dynamic practice, change sides 05, enter the inclined plate, exhale, tighten the core, bend your elbows into the four pillar style, inhale, restore exhale, push the left hand to the ground, sideways to the left, straighten your right hand up, enter the side plate style, inhale, restore, repeat 8-10 times, change sides 06, return to the flat plate support, exhale, tighten the core, move the center of gravity forward, inhale, restore exhale, and support the ground with your right elbow, The right side of the body, straighten the left hand upward, inhale, restore the flat support, repeat the exercise 8-10 times, and change to the other side..

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