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Young and vigorous Yoga Pants show your temperament by reducing age, showing the best style and full of comfort

Young and vigorous Yoga Pants show temperament by reducing age, showing the best style and full of comfort.

The collocation of Yoga Pants looks a little monotonous, but this collocation can make the overall sexy taste rise to a level, and can also raise the height.

We need to pay attention to two points in this way of wearing: first, the meat and leg covering function of yoga pants.

I introduced a very good-looking and practical wearing method, that is, by covering the bad meat, we can expose the good-looking legs.

In addition, it can also achieve the effect of covering the meat, which can be said to be very convenient and practical.

If our meat can be covered, it will be thinner; If the meat is covered, it will not look good.

Second: if we cover the meat and no one looks better than us, we can complete this matching by choosing an exaggerated high waist skirt with a wider skirt.

I will choose a wider skirt, which is difficult for the majority of girls, but I give you a suggestion.

The high waist skirt is actually a choice we can try.

If we buy a high waist skirt is not suitable, we can consider putting a low waist jacket inside to solve it.

In fact, simple looks similar, but the above is not simple at all.

After reading this article, you will understand how to do it.

Then in collocation, we need to try our best to choose an exquisite bag and appropriate shoes, which can not be too heavy or too short.

In this way, the whole will be more exquisite.

The split stripes of the skirt itself can’t completely cover our meat.

This is something we need to pay attention to.

I’ll introduce you another kind of yoga pants.

We can use bags to cover our meat.

Today, I’d like to introduce three bags that everyone can easily control.

The first is Chanel No.5.

Although we can’t see the obvious dividing line of the figure, we can roughly judge from this information that this bag is relatively common and should be seen often in the street.

Let’s see the effect together.

Let’s take a look at the effect of No.5.

Compared with this kind of yoga pants, they still have a slimming effect.

At least it can make us look a little symmetrical.

This bag with yoga pants is very daily without any pressure.

If this kind of bag matches with pants, it’s better to have a waist line.

If you have seen my previous photos of successful weight loss, you should know that I have a lot of bags when I am thin, but I can hardly see my bags when I am fat.

So when we lose weight, don’t buy too large bags, because they will be fatter.

In addition, do not buy too loose bags, but I think loose bags will not look empty in space, but also have a feeling of waist.

We try to choose a bag with a length above and below the knee.

This kind of bag will not show a particularly short leg.

You can choose an Oxford bag that doesn’t look so heavy.

Such a bag is very practical and won’t appear short.

However, you should pay attention when using the Oxford bag.

If the upper body is thin, it will be a little bloated.

Girls with thin upper body can try this kind of onepiece, which looks much wider.

Will the upper body look very loose…

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