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[Yu Kuai Xue phase 5] – Yoga Teaching

The first yukuai learning of Hatha Yoga – Yoga series courses were launched by Dianjiang County Cultural Center.

The purpose is to achieve remarkable and excellent fitness effect through yoga practice, eliminate distractions, relax muscles, stretch limbs, quiet nerves and shape body in a quiet state of mind, Practicing yoga posture and yoga meditation can make people achieve physical and mental health.

This course will teach the first section of Hatha Yoga.

Hurry to warm up and learn from teacher Juan Juan! If you can’t learn at one time, watch it again and again! Yukuai learning – yoga teaching course will launch more Yoga series Related videos} please pay attention! Editor in charge: Gong qiuyao, Peng min, first instance: Guo Dasheng, final instance: Tan Jun..

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