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5 simple yoga moves to dredge the lumbar meridians!

Many modern people have a common problem: cervical / lumbar pain and fatigue.

The five simple yoga movements recommended today can dredge the lumbar spine and effectively alleviate the problem of lumbar acid and cervical stiffness.

Be sure to try ~ 1 Wide squat with feet about wider than hips.

Bend your knees and move your hips down.

Close your hands in front of your heart and firmly press your elbows against the inside of your knees to help further open your hips.

Transfer weight to your heels, extend your head upward and take five deep breaths.


Extend the wide squat, relax your hands and put them on the floor.

Keep your stomach close to the ground and keep your hands away from your feet.

Relax your head and take five breaths.


The dancer bends the right knee.

While leaning forward, extend your right leg back and pull as far as possible.

Fold your abdomen toward your spine and hold five breaths.


One leg forward flexion extension, bend the right knee, and then fold the body forward.

Lower your right hand to the floor support and hold your right toe with your left hand.

Pull your knees back as high as possible to strengthen the extension of your limbs and maintain five breaths.


In Flamingo pose, wrap your arms around your right knee, take your hips as the axis, and fold your body down as much as possible.

If it’s too difficult, relax your hands to the floor and keep your knees bent.

Keep this action for five breaths.


Extend your toes, press your left foot hard on the ground, raise your bent right knee and relax your arm.

Grasp the big toe with the thumb and index finger of your right hand and place your left hand on your left crotch.

Keep your left leg straight, then bring your body close to your pelvis and straighten your right leg as far forward as possible.

Hold five breaths under this stretch.

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