56 year old aunt said: practicing yoga for a year was originally exercise, but I didn’t expect to destroy my family

Introduction: as we all know, yoga originated abroad and became popular all over the world.

Later, it was gradually introduced into our country.

Practicing yoga is a particularly positive and healthy sports.

It can not only relax our practitioners’ body and mind in an all-round way, but also make our practitioners’ body healthier to a certain extent, More often, it can also cultivate the sentiment of our practitioners.

It is precisely because yoga has so many benefits that it is naturally welcomed by many of us.

Among the people who practice yoga, not only young people are in the majority.

Many times, some of our elderly aunts will actively participate in it when they have nothing to do and their own conditions allow.

It is reasonable to say that aunts practice yoga, which is not to blame, but in the process of practicing yoga, Some of our aunts admitted that practicing yoga for a year was originally exercise, but I didn’t expect to destroy my family! So what happened in the middle? Let’s have a look.

Aunt Pang, a 56 year old woman, said: I think I’m still a lucky woman.

When I married my husband in the early years, I was an ordinary rural woman, while my husband was a teacher in the county.

After the introduction and matching of our relatives, we not only got married, but also later I worked in the school where my husband worked, When I became an ordinary worker, it can be regarded as the school’s care for me.

After we got married, in a few years, we also had two daughters.

Later, my husband and I were particularly happy in marriage and family, and the two daughters were also particularly clever and sensible.

After decades, the two daughters had married and had their own happy family.

At this time, I also reached the age of retirement, My husband still has a few years to retire, so I went home.

Just retired at home, I’m still a little uncomfortable.

After all, I’ve been in school for most of my life.

When I suddenly left, I felt a little empty in my heart.

I wanted to find something for myself.

At this time, my former colleagues in the school asked me to sing with her.

To tell the truth, when I first arrived at the singing team, I was very curious, So I’m very good at singing.

But half a year later, I didn’t have much interest in singing every day.

After all, it was too boring.

After I quit the singing team, I went to dance square dance and social dance, etc., but in the end I chose to quit.

However, I couldn’t sit still when I was at home alone, which could suffocate me.

I spent most of my time every day, Just wandering aimlessly outside.

One day, as soon as I stepped onto an overpass in the city, a stranger sent me a leaflet.

I saw that it was promoting yoga.

I was no stranger to yoga, but I had never been in contact with it.

I was very curious at that time.

Later, I came to this yoga studio according to the address on the leaflet.

As soon as I entered the yoga studio, dozens of people followed the teacher, There are many people of my age.

This scene made me feel very shocked.

A few days later, I came to this yoga studio to practice yoga.

Because I had never practiced yoga, at the beginning, I didn’t do a lot of actions very well.

At that time, I felt very stupid.

I had plans and ideas to leave, and at this time, A man who looked a few years older than me offered to help me.

Afterwards, I learned that his surname was Cao.

He was 64 years old.

He was a divorced retired cadre.

He was also introduced and came to practice yoga.

He said that he had practiced yoga for more than a year.

His body and mood were different from those in the past.

I heard him say that I was motivated to practice yoga at that time, After all, this is also my original intention of practicing yoga.

I became familiar with Lao Cao after coming and going.

Lao Cao usually talked about something, and he was also very humorous and funny.

Sometimes when he said a joke, he could make me happy all day.

So far, my favor for Lao Cao has strengthened day by day, but it is only limited to this.

I know I am a person with a husband and family until one day, something happens, Let me change my mind from now on.

One day after practicing yoga, I was ready to go home.

At that time, Lao Cao said that today was his birthday.

He wanted to invite me to a restaurant for dinner and asked me to celebrate his birthday.

I thought he would invite a lot of people, but as soon as I went to the restaurant, he invited me only one person.

That day, Lao Cao drank a lot of wine, and he made a “solemn pledge” to me for a while, I didn’t know what had happened, so I believed him.

At this point, the relationship between me and Lao Cao was one step closer.

Later, Lao Cao booed me everywhere.

Although my husband usually treated me well, I was still very moved.

Later, Lao Cao borrowed more than 100000 yuan from me for various reasons, but later he returned it to me.

So far, my trust in him is gradually strengthening, At the same time, I think Lao Cao is a reliable person.

One day a year later, Lao Cao said that he was in an emergency and asked me to give him 300000 yuan.

He returned it to me in half a month.

Then I gave him all the 300000 yuan I and my wife were going to save for the elderly.

Of course, I kept it from my husband, but a few days later, Lao Cao never went to the yoga studio again.

I went to his place, but the resident said it was the house he had just rented, I just sat on the ground..

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