A 60 year old woman cried: I went to yoga after retirement to lose weight, but it ruined my home

A person’s life is not only limited to some problems such as eating, drinking, sleeping and so on.

More often, when a person is alive, he should find something for himself to do.

Otherwise, if this goes on in the long run, the person will become decadent in most cases.

The same is true for our elderly.

That is to say, when people are old or retire, they should also find something they like to do.

We can’t say that when people are old and retire, they don’t do anything every day.

They only know how to eat and sleep, which is certainly not good.

For this reason, many of our old people will find something to do for themselves by dancing, traveling, playing cards and so on after retirement.

It is reasonable for the old people to do what they like after retirement.

But I’m afraid that if some of our elderly people do anything special in the process, it’s too late to repent.

That’s what 60 year old Ms.

Yuan said.

According to her, she went to yoga after retirement to lose weight, but ended up destroying her home! What’s going on? Let’s listen to her.

60 year old Ms.

Yuan said personally: I retired at the age of 55.

Now I have retired for five years.

Maybe it was because of the pressure and hard work when I was young, or other reasons.

Therefore, when I just retired, I stayed at home doing nothing every day except eating and sleeping, and I especially enjoyed this “comfortable” life at that time.

It was not until one day four years ago that I found that my “comfortable” old age life was really a little harmful.

I was a little overweight.

In addition, in the years after retirement, I stayed at home and did nothing.

As a result, not only did my physical health have serious problems, but also my body became more and more obese.

At that time, I even went to the supermarket outside the community to buy something.

In the middle, I had to rest for several times.

Otherwise, I couldn’t get angry.

Even when I was lying in bed, I felt a little difficult to breathe.

The key was that my wife looked at me and became more and more disgusted.

I decided to lose weight according to my own conditions, but I was determined to lose weight according to my own conditions.

That is to go to the riverside of the park and practice yoga with a group of people.

Sure enough, I only practiced yoga for 3 months, my weight decreased significantly, and my breathing became much smoother.

I was very happy at that time, and then I became more and more satisfied at the end of yoga practice.

In the process of practicing yoga, I also met a lot of strangers, including Lao Zhao, who is three years older than me.

To be honest, at the beginning, I practiced yoga for the purpose of losing weight.

I didn’t have any other messy ideas, and I knew very well at that time that I was a woman with a family.

However, people will change, and so will I.

especially in the face of the care of Lao Zhao and all kinds of small favors, my heart has a more favorable impression on Lao Zhang.

Later, I was with Lao Zhao.

Originally, I thought that the reason why Lao Zhao was with me was that he really liked me and was with me.

There was a kind of “true love” between us, but what happened next made me deeply realize that Lao Zhao chose to be with me for other ulterior purposes.

Soon after we were together, Lao Zhao asked me to spend money on this for him today and that for him tomorrow.

Although I had only 4000 yuan of pension per month at that time, I always responded to his requests.

Even later, most of my pension was spent on Lao Zhao.

But Lao Zhao was not satisfied.

On the contrary, his appetite became bigger and bigger.

One day, Lao Zhao told me that he and his friends were going to do business in other places, but he was still 150000 yuan short.

He asked me to lend 150000 yuan to him, and said that after one month, in addition to the principal, he would give me an additional 10000 yuan of interest.

I didn’t even think about it, so I secretly hid my wife and gave the money to Lao Zhao.

What I never thought of was that I didn’t wait for Lao Zhao to arrive a month later, and I just couldn’t contact Lao Zhao anymore.

At this time, I realized that I had been cheated.

But I dare not let anyone know about it, especially my wife, because I know that once my wife knows my “ugly behavior”, he will certainly not forgive me.

But there is no airtight wall in the world.

Half a month later, the boss doesn’t know who knows what happened between my Lao Zhao and me.

Although I kept apologizing and admitting my mistake to my wife at that time, my wife not only refused to forgive me, but also insisted on going to divorce me.

Even if my children and parents came forward to persuade him, he was unmoved.

He just wanted to divorce me.

Later, I saw his attitude was so firm that I knew to choose to divorce him.

After I divorced my wife, I moved out of my original home and lived with my son and daughter-in-law.

Although my son and daughter-in-law didn’t say anything, I could see everything from their eyes.

I really regret it now.

If I knew what I said at the beginning, I wouldn’t try to be happy for a while and cause myself lifelong regret.

Now I spend every day in deep repentance.

Originally, I planned to go to a nursing home with my wife when I was really old, but now such a thing has made all my good wishes come to naught..

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