Behind the Yoga poison chicken soup, there is more harm and marketing. When you encounter it, get away and don’t fall into the pit

Practice Yoga: don’t look at poisonous chicken soup.

Yoga can’t turn a 60 year old woman into a girl.

Most of the wechat friends list are yoga people.

There are yoga practitioners, yoga teachers and the operation of Yoga halls.

But most of them don’t know each other.

They are friends added in various lecture groups.

Although many people say that the circle of friends has changed, but I like to turn the circle of friends, yoga teacher’s circle of friends, how wonderful it is, you will see it naturally.

Especially in times of depression, it is a source of joy and strength.

When I visit the circle of friends, it’s like visiting the back kitchen of an exquisite high-end hotel.

This kitchen only cooks soup, and only cooks one kind of soup – chicken soup.

Cooking chicken soup is a technical job, and cooking it is inspirational; Bad cooking is poison! Come on, let’s take stock of those poisoned chicken soup that has been heated.

If you encounter it, go away! Poisonous chicken soup No.

1: the more painful it is, the more you have to practice.

The more painful it is, the more you have to stick to it.

Just stick to it.

This is a standard poisonous chicken soup.

I can’t understand and disagree.

Yoga is based on safety.

It is normal for the body to have acid during practice, which can continue.

It is abnormal for the body to have pain.

When there is pain in practice, our correct treatment method is to adjust the movement, reduce the difficulty or use assistive equipment.

If the pain in the body cannot disappear, stop until you find a way to solve the pain, or practice when the body has the ability to practice this pose, Don’t stick to any action with pain.

The most common example is the knee pain of double lotus.

I’ve read too many comments that the knee hurts at the beginning, and it won’t hurt if I keep practicing.

But in fact, the double lotus knee pain is due to the insufficient external rotation ability of the hip joint, which leads to the pain caused by the compensatory wear of the knee joint.

The result of persistence is more and more wear.

Poisonous chicken soup No.

2: wound practice.

Master Iyengar also said: Yoga is suitable for everyone.

As long as you breathe, you can practice yoga.

There are people with broken hands and legs practicing yoga.

But none of this means you can practice with injuries.

For a person with lower body paralysis and sitting in a wheelchair, it is inspirational to move his arms manually and keep practicing in the active parts of his body.

For a person with prosthetic legs, it is inspirational to keep practicing; But by encouraging an injured person to keep practicing, he stepped into the ranks of poisonous chicken soup.

Wearing a prosthetic limb and leg injury are completely different concepts.

Wearing a prosthetic limb is irreversible.

For him, the prosthetic limb is a part of the body; But if you don’t take good care of your leg injury, it may get worse and worse.

The pain is not a part of your body.

I don’t care about those days.

Poisonous chicken soup No.

3: yoga can cure all kinds of problems.

A 60 year old woman can become a girl after practicing yoga.

Aging is a natural law that cannot be violated and resisted.

Exercise can slow down the steps of aging, but it will never stop the steps of aging.

A 60 year old woman practicing yoga can become a tall, flexible, positive, optimistic and elegant old woman, but she can never become a girl.

Poisonous chicken soup No.

4: sweat is the tears of fat.

Special literature and art can make a moving sentence.

In addition to yoga, many fitness projects use this sentence to make soup.

Proper sweating is good.

Sweating for a long time is a kind of consumption and harmful to the body.

Slight sweating is the best state.

Poisonous chicken soup No.

5: he can, and you can.

In fact, he has shared it many times: don’t compare with others when practicing yoga.

Everyone’s physical condition and practice frequency, even including work and living habits, will affect the results of yoga practice.

Behind these Yoga poisonous chicken soup is more marketing and harm.

I hope you can treat these chicken soup rationally.

It doesn’t matter to read it occasionally, but if you really encounter it, get away from him, walk around and don’t fall into the pit.

Pay attention to everything and share health and beauty!..

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