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[daily lesson] – Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts Episode 14

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Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts.

In the 14th class, the lawyer gave a lecture on the “Yoga Bodhisattva Precepts” on July 14, 2021.

Good morning, everyone! Amitabha.

Please open page 40 of the handout book.

The total page is 52, and the other pages are 40.

Once upon a time, in the apanti state of India, the place where the gazhan Yan venerable was educated belonged to the border.

There was a very rich worker in that place, but there lived an old and poor maid in his family.

She was not only dressed in rags, but also worked hard every day.

What she received in her diet was very poor, and it was difficult to eat and wear.

She was often whipped by the Lord.

One day, the maid took the bottle to the river to get water.

Thinking of her life experience, she couldn’t help crying.

Just as the venerable gazhan Yan passed by this place, he saw it and sympathized with her very much.

So he told her, “if you hate poverty, why don’t you sell poverty?” The maid answered, “who in the world wants to buy poor ones?” The venerable gazhan Yan said again, “I tell you, poverty can indeed be sold.” The old maid asked, “if you can sell it, how can you sell it? How can you sell poverty?” The venerable gazhan Yan told her, “if you want to sell poverty, you should believe me.

First, wash this bottle, then fill it with some clean water and give it to the monks.

That’s it.” The old maid said, “this bottle is my master’s thing.

How can I use it to give alms?” The venerable gazhan Yan replied, “although the bottle is the owner’s, the water in the bottle is yours.

Isn’t it yours?” After listening to the words of the venerable gazhan Yan, the old maid suddenly relieved her doubts.

She was very happy.

She immediately took a bottle to fill clean water and respectfully provided for the venerable gazhan Yan.

The venerable gazhan Yan personally accepted her offering – this water, and taught her to be dependent on the Buddha, the law and the monk; Then he taught her five precepts and taught her to chant Buddha.

That night, the old maid died in her master’s house.

The next morning, when the master saw this situation, he was very angry and carried the body of the old slave and maid to the forest and discarded it.

But because the old slave and maid made such offerings, her divine consciousness was incarnated into the palace of heaven.

She saw her past body in the distance, so she came down with the family members in the sky to spread flowers, provide for her body, and thank it for its charity.

If we understand the karma of life, how does life come? Life is created by our past karma.

If it is a cause, it has a result.

The happiness and pain of this life are not given by others, but presented by our own karma.

In that case, we have obtained this life body in this life.

If we want to understand this view of karma, we should avoid creating karma for future degeneration.

Keep the precepts! The Buddha told us the truth! The precepts, especially the well-known peni precepts, break evil, do not harm all sentient beings, and do not create their own cause of degeneration.

The Buddha is telling us the truth, but some people don’t like it.

Or does he not understand the origin of life, the pain is created by himself, and the happiness is also created by himself.

In order to improve our future life, in this life, in addition to not making degenerate karma, we should actively accumulate good karma to help you in the next life.

Moreover, if we can make Bodhi for the benefit of all sentient beings, we should accumulate more food.

The merit of liberation needs food.

The original “five stop mind concept” was practiced in the outer world.

“Five stop mind view”: more greedy for the view of uncleanness of all living beings, more angry at the view of compassion of all living beings, scattered view of the number of breath of all living beings, view of Buddha chanting of all living beings, and foolish view of karma of all living beings.

The Buddha taught us that these are all to enable us to remove the flowing karma and achieve the holy way.

We don’t accumulate this food.

We think about things all day.

This is really upside down.

Can not really grasp the view of karma and origin of this life, can not really understand, so that there is no direction in practice.

Some people talk about possessed beings, ghosts and ghosts all day long.

How can it be a good thing that you have been smoking the seeds of these three evil ways of alaiya’s knowledge every day? There’s nothing good.

Confucianists said that Confucius said “respect ghosts and gods and stay away from them”.

These are not touched.

We Buddha disciples, Buddha disciples, what is called Buddha disciples? After us, the last side of the handout is also listed.

The Bodhisattva way is to concentrate on accumulating six paramita, abstaining from wisdom and six paramita.

It is most blessed for you to be a Buddhist disciple.

There is the truth enlightened by our Buddha.

If you don’t learn the truth, how can you achieve it? Therefore, we understand the view of karma of life, except that we should cover up the karma of degeneration; Again, you have to repent of your past and present lives.

The result of your life is not perfect, that is, your past creation is not perfect, there are mistakes and omissions.

You should repent.

All the disappointments encountered in this life are created by yourself.

Again, we have our own problems.

We also have our own problems.

You should repent more.

We should use it to treat our troubles and habits, so that life can be improved and your liberation can be hopeful.

Therefore, we should seriously study hard in the holy religion enlightened by the Buddha, discipline and wisdom, which is what we should do as Buddha disciples and the most blessed reward.

We encourage each other.

We have been in contact with Buddhism all our life.

It is a disaster of millions and millions and a deep good root..

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