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Introduction to yoga, it is very important to understand these “Yoga formulas”!

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In the early stage of yoga practice, beginners should not only remember the precautions of yoga, but also the “Yoga formulas” often reminded by some yoga teachers need to attract the attention of beginners, because these formulas can make your practice work twice with half the effort and avoid unnecessary damage at the same time.

Pithy formula 1: relax the shoulder and neck ∨ whether doing stretching, twisting, balancing or bending forward, more than 90% of beginners will involuntarily shrug their shoulders up, causing muscle tension near the shoulder and neck.

Originally, it was a course to relax the shoulder and neck, but the shoulder and neck pain was more serious.

If you have the same situation, be sure to recite “relax your shoulders and neck” in your heart.

Pithy formula 2: stable foundation and balanced center of gravity ∨ in the practice of yoga asana, you must keep the foundation of the part of your body touching the ground stable.

Different asanas have different centers of gravity.

Therefore, in the practice of asana, you must pay attention to the stability of the foundation and pay attention to the center of gravity at the same time.

Don’t move the center of gravity outside the body, make the body unbalanced and cause unnecessary damage.

Pithy formula 3: extend the spine and keep the neutral position ∨ when doing any posture, please pay attention to whether you step on the waist and arch the back.

One of the purposes of yoga is to correct the incorrect posture through the practice of yoga posture.

Then, in yoga practice, you must keep the neutral position of spine extension and practice other movements on this premise, Wrong large-scale practice is not as good as correct small-scale practice.

Pithy formula 4: keep breathing smoothly ∨ beginners often forget to breathe or even hold their breath because of physical tension, lack of strength and other reasons.

Therefore, beginners, please remind yourself to breathe at any time, especially when doing their own challenging poses, and tell them to keep breathing smoothly.

Focus 5: tighten the core ∨ in yoga practice, most asanas need to tighten the core.

The core is not just the abdomen.

In the human body, the parts below the diaphragm and above the pelvic floor belong to the core of our human body.

Therefore, we should not only tighten the abdomen, but also pay more attention to the activation of other core areas outside the abdomen.

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