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Jie Yoga micro class – pelvic practice ~ kairan teacher

Clean yoga ยท cat themed yoga studio your professional yoga studio clean Yoga micro classroom clean Yoga team has personally created a micro video – “clean Yoga micro classroom”, so that you can learn yoga from the teachers in the studio online.

Each video is very short and doesn’t take up too much time; There are both style sharing and knowledge sharing.

It can be learned as soon as you learn.

It is very practical.

You can still follow the teacher even if you don’t have time to practice in the library.

Pelvic exercises improve Qi and blood for 5-10 minutes a day.

Clean Yoga micro class – how to achieve peach hips~ Kairan teacher clean Yoga micro class – shoulder and neck exercises ~ kairan teacher clean Yoga micro class – shoulder and neck towering discomfort how to do~ Kairan teacher Jie Yoga micro class – what if the back is too thick~ Kairan teacher Jie Yoga micro class – why does the posture rebound~ Kairan teacher’s clean Yoga micro class – the relationship between yoga posture and internal emotion ~ kairan teacher’s clean Yoga micro class – Cat style ~ kairan teacher’s clean Yoga micro class – flat support, are you right~ Teacher ran Jie Yoga micro class – posture to help digestion ~ teacher ran Jie Yoga micro class – yoga chair open shoulder posture ~ teacher ran Jie Yoga micro class – good night Yoga open hip and thin legs ~ teacher ran Jie Yoga micro class – good night Yoga improve waist discomfort ~ teacher ran Jie Yoga micro class – board for beginners ~ teacher ran Namaste Jie Yoga villa store: Fengtai, Beijing No.

001, No.

20, fangxingyuan 3rd District, South 3rd Ring East Road, district.

Tel.: 010-67676322.

Traffic information: 128, 139, 25, 665, 687, 821, 848, 93, 973, te8, 300, 300 express, 511.

Get off at fangzhuangqiao west station on special line 146.

Jie Yoga Muxiyuan store: 1403, 14th floor, natural beauty building, Muxiyuan Bridge East, Fengtai District, Beijing Tel: 010-67267896 traffic information: 120, 2, 300, 300 express, 50, 51, 62, 665, 687, 820, 827, 839, 848, 927, 93, 954, 957, 973, te8, 54, express line 146, etc.

get off at Muxiyuan bridge east station.

Jieyoga Taoranting store: Dishang, No.

3-6, sipingyuan community, heiyaochang street, north gate of Taoranting, Xicheng District, Beijing (opposite the industrial and Commercial Bank of China) Tel.: 010-57039261 traffic information: No.

53, get off at sipingyuan on special No.

30; No.

40, No.

59, special No.

13, get off at the north gate of Taoranting; 14, 23, 66, 70, 102 get off at Hufang Road station and 53 get off at sipingyuan station.

Jie Yoga Guangcai store: ground floor of building 12, Jiajia garden, Fengtai District, Beijing Tel: 010-53119351 traffic information: go north from exit C of shiliuzhuang station of Metro Line 10, bus No.

17, No.

120 Guangcai Road North Station, No.

7, No.

43 Jiajia Garden Station, No.

120, No.

141, No.

17, No.

43, No.

7, No.

820, No.

829, No.

130, Zhaogongkou bridge south.

Jieyoga Hepingli store: 6 / F, aerospace materials building, No.

a, Hepingli Dongbinhe Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing Tel: 010-5612910917778021071 traffic information: entrance a / B / C of Yonghegong station of Metro Line 2 or line 5, No.

13, 116, 674, 684, te16, and get off at Hepingli south entrance.

Take No.

13, No.

18, No.

116, No.

130, No.

684 and get off at the gap of Beixiao street…

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