My yoga training diary (1)

All kinds of rampant plans are arranged in this way.

Yoga teaching and training is what we should do this winter vacation.

Systematic study can also kill boring time.

December 12, 2021, cloudy first day, leg practice, class for 5h.

I still have a low fever when I catch a cold.

Sister Jing is a power type, and I am a flexible type.

Tired, I don’t know how to stick to it…

On the 13th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, it was cloudy the next day, back practice and class for 5h.

Catch a cold more and more serious, tired, practice until no temper…

On the 14th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, on the third cloudy day, practice on the hips.

Class lasts 4.5H from 9:00 to 1-30.

The most serious day of catching a cold is almost training with eyes closed.

I’m tired, but I stick to it! On the 15th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, it was cloudy on the fourth day.

The abdominal core had classes from 9:00 to 1:30 for 4.5H.

My weakest core was so tired that I didn’t speak.

Stick to it! On the fifth cloudy day on the 16th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, classes will be held for 5 hours from 9:00 to 2:00.

I can’t breathe in the chest and need to overcome it.

On the sixth cloudy day of December 17, 2021, the class lasted for 5 hours from 9:00 to 2:00.

The horse on the right side went down.

I was always dizzy.

Sister Jing said I was anemic and gave me a prescription.

I’ll try it tomorrow.

Come on! On the 18th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, on the seventh day of overcast day, I have class for 5h.

My arm strength is not good.

When can I do it! On the 19th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, the eighth day of the snowy day, I had classes for 5 hours.

I was dizzy when I did the B-type sun worship.

What’s the matter? I was getting more and more anemic recently.

As soon as I was dizzy, the teacher asked me to have a rest next to me, so I didn’t practice as much as sister Jing.

Towards the evening, there were snowflakes.

I went out to buy something and my body was all white.

When it snowed the year before last, I would unconsciously say, “it should be that the immortals were drunk and crumpled the white clouds.” Now, seeing the snow without any romantic feeling in my heart, I will think: eh, how can I travel to class tomorrow? It’s really annoying! At 11 o’clock in the night, I heard someone setting off firecrackers outside the window, crackling.

The silent night added a trace of fun.

I opened the window, quietly enjoyed and recorded it.

I wanted to share, but I felt that the fun brought by sharing was boring.

I saved it silently and pulled up the window.

I really couldn’t watch 1988.

I watched the last episode directly and cried.

Give ya ya video and communicate a lot.

I feel ya ya has grown up.

It’s good.

My dearest friend is the most like me! I can’t sleep.

I browse in front of the bookshelf.

I want to see the ordinary world, the red rose and the white rose, inferiority and transcendence, and the analysis of dreams.

Some want to see it after reading it.

Turn on the lamp, or choose to talk to old Mr.

Adler: I suffered great trauma and even destruction both physically and mentally in my childhood, But with tenacious will and hard work, I have changed my life.

It’s amazing.

I’ll buy the old gentleman’s works and study them carefully! Good night, yourself.

On December 20, 2021, the ninth day of cloudy day, class lasts for 5h.

Today, I walked to class and stepped on the snow all the way, as if I were a child.

Sister Jing came by bus.

After practicing wave speed ball, I found that many simple actions are not so easy.

Moreover, the more beautiful the coach is, the more abusive he is! I’m abused every day! At each stretch moment, the three of us talked about all kinds of delicious food.

We were salivating.

Feifei gave a bottle of raw soy sauce for Japanese cuisine.

I heard it was delicious.

At noon, I brushed the circle of friends and found that everyone was talking about the closing of Changyuan supermarket and all kinds of food grabbing.

I hope the person who was tested positive doesn’t really exist.

After class, I walked home at 2:30.

I was tired.

I slept for a while.

At 4:50, I got up and stretched.

The day will be over again.

The new year is getting closer and closer.

I began to think about my new year’s wishes! On the 21st day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, the tenth day of overcast day, class lasts for 5h.

The road was covered with snow and slippery.

On the 22nd day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, the eleventh day of overcast day, class lasts for 5h.

On the first day of the physiological period, I was tired.

Today, the teacher arranged for us mainly to stretch.

I wasn’t very tired, but I didn’t have any strength.

I went home after class and fell asleep for two hours.

On December 23, 2021, the twelfth day of cloudy day, class lasts for 5h.

On the 24th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2021, the 13th day of overcast day, class lasts for 5h.

Today, I don’t wear serious yoga clothes, but practice in autumn clothes and autumn pants! Feifei, sister Jing, there are no outsiders among us.

I dare to be so casual.


After class, I came home and saw Dongdong invite me to tea.

Dongdong knows the tea ceremony very well.

I know a little about it.

I like her attitude towards life very much.

Before leaving, she gave me a sea buckthorn juice and a hand-made fish brought by sister Yanna from Shanxi.

Fine workmanship, a sense of atmosphere, I wish myself more than every year! Thank you, my friend! On the 14th cloudy day on the 25th of December 2021, class lasts for 5h.

I didn’t sleep almost all night yesterday.

I slept very heavily this afternoon.

I felt sore when I lay down.

It seems that the hip muscles have been activated.

In the evening, I saw that the gym would open tomorrow.

I planned to go to cycling class.

I was sweating profusely.

I hope my skin will be white as soon as possible.

Teaching and training class on the last day before the year.

See you after the year.

From tomorrow, sister Jing and I will keep exercising at home.

Thank teacher Feifei for her hard work and sister Jing for her company.

Thank you! ​。.

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