Practice yoga, let your soul keep up with your body

On the way of yoga, you either focus on yoga or practice yoga on the way of yoga.

Both the soul and body are on the way, but some people walk faster.

Those people’s hearts are relatively stable and peaceful, but their bodies may be stiff and weak; Some people walk faster and have a soft and powerful body, but they are immature, irritable or easily distracted.

If the mind is still grumpy or distracted, the practice posture will be too intense or too lazy.

If it is too intense, it will be easy to get hurt.

If it is too lazy, it will make slow progress and slow in body and mind.

If you are calm and stable, coupled with regular and effective practice, this is the best.

Practicing yoga asana is always the practice of body and mind together.

Be careful.

When you are ready, your body will be ready; When the body knot is untied, the heart knot is also untied.

In yoga practice, the first thing that practitioners should overcome is not for the purpose of asanas, but their own problems and obstacles.

Because there are differences between boldness and cowardice in people’s character and between diligence and laziness in temperament.

No matter the former or the latter, they should avoid pain and fatigue to their own body in yoga practice Only by letting the body enter the sense of joy and comfort, can it be possible to constantly overcome its own negativity.

In this way, it will naturally reach the state of like persistence.

This natural persistence no longer needs the supervision or perseverance of others.

Everything is spontaneous.

This kind of practice is joy.

The practice of yoga is joyful ~..

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