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Spring Festival must practice! Feelyoga Yoga Pilates from 199 yuan / month (Pilates large equipment / pad Pilates / group class)

Group purchase rules: ① each person is limited to one meal per set ② from the date of successful purchase, Non written off orders enjoy a 15 day gratuitous refund (excluding postal products).

If the refund exceeds 15 days, wechat handling fees and other fees shall be deducted.

Usage rules: ① after successful purchase: the validity period is until April 30, 2022 ② advance appointment is required (the course schedule is subject to monthly update) business information: Store Name: feelyoga Yoga Pilates (donghuicheng store) Shop address: 3rd floor, Donghui City Plaza, Yangjiang City shop Tel: 18666242018 business hours: 9:00-22:00 = word-of-mouth brand store, witnessing countless transformations = feelyoga Yoga Pilates new store opened, which is a large-scale high-end Pilates hall in Donghui city.

The geographical location is quite good, the transportation is convenient and the environment is elegant.

It seems to be a pilates hall near home.

The new Chinese style is gentle and quiet, and ingenuity can be seen everywhere in the design.

There are leisure bar, rest area, tea room, dressing room, bathroom, etc.

There are also large classrooms, middle classrooms, private classrooms, pilates equipment rooms and other professional classrooms.

All kinds of special pilates equipment are available.

The coach team of feelyoga Yangjiang hall holds the qualification certification of yoga or Pilates coach with international and national certification.

They have rich teaching experience, have their own good Yoga genres, and teach with the original intention of being responsible for each student.

For a long time, feelyoga’s teaching team has been committed to the research and development of all courses.

We have not only obtained the national RYT certification and training qualification in the field of yoga, but also deeply worked in the field of Pilates.

There are more than 60 selected classes each week, covering more than 20 different yoga and Pilates systems.

In addition, feelyoga will also offer a series of courses such as prenatal, postpartum, parent-child children, song bowl sound therapy and meditation in combination with the needs of special groups.

At the same time, special small class courses are set up for practitioners with higher requirements, and various tutors are regularly invited to cooperate to set up training courses and workshops to meet the all-round needs of members from zero foundation to specialty.

= n + boutique courses, enjoy the goddess moment = yoga group class, which is suitable for people with different foundations.

The coach will guide everyone to skillfully use yoga tools to assist in exercise, combined with yoga chair, yoga blanket, yoga ball, yoga wall rope, yoga brick and yoga extension belt, so as to achieve better exercise effect.

Under the guidance of the teacher, immerse yourself wholeheartedly.

The yoga instructor will help you correct your posture at any time, and will not miss any minor mistake to ensure that the yoga exercise is carried out safely and correctly.

Occasionally I want to use the weekend to go to a yoga studio to relieve my body and mind, but I find that my friends don’t have time.

That group yoga is worth a try! Not only can the body get stretching exercise, but also make friends with like-minded little partners ~ Pilates on the mat.

Pilates on the mat is a static movement.

The arrangement of dynamic and static combination makes the body both tense and relaxed, and the perfect combination of body and mind.

Pilates big instrument waist and abdomen shaping Pilates: it is mainly aimed at abdominal functional training.

It can maintain body posture and balance muscle strength and flexibility through segmental training of deep small muscles in waist and abdomen.

It can exercise for all parts of the human body.

Although it looks simple, in fact, simply doing a few actions on it can exercise the muscles of the whole body.

Yoga wall: it is to complete some specific Yoga actions with the help of wall and wall belt.

In the process of practice, practitioners actively stretch or relax with the help of walls and wall bands.

For example, senior yoga practitioners like challenging handstands, and beginners can also carry out smoothly with the help of wall bands.

Bench Yoga: Zen and softness integrates Tai Chi, yoga, swimming, ballet, qigong and gymnastics.

It is a recognized advanced training system.

It was first used to improve the physical fitness of professional dancers.

Today, Zen softness has entered people’s life, from the health of all parts of the body, body coordination to self-cultivation and shaping.

Zen soft focuses on lubricating joints and spine health, including synchronous breathing training and relaxation exercises.

Ladder barrel: mainly used for stretching training.

It can complete the transformation of any direction, angle and position of the body, making the practice more rich and compact.

The curved surface can fully stretch the waist and back muscles, train the abdominal muscles, stretch the body, and exercise the deeper muscles that will not be used at ordinary times.

The posture movements are changeable and difficult to adjust, which is suitable for people with different needs.

Let Pilates help you feel the joy brought by every small progress of your body.

Feelyoga Yoga Pilates starts to navigate the information in the way you like.

Store name: feelyoga Yoga Pilates (donghuicheng store) store address: 3rd floor, donghuicheng square, Yangjiang City..

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