Star figure: it’s embarrassing for girls to wear yoga pants! Conservative collocation can be worn like this. The devil’s figure is low-key

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You can have a good look when you are happy.

It has been a very popular item in the past two years.

It is essential for star street photography to wear yoga pants.

At present, especially after the temperature gradually rises, You can see little sisters in yoga pants all over the street, This kind of sports and leisure clothing close to the body has replaced jeans and become the “sports bra + Yoga Pants”, the biggest fashion trend in this decade “, if the weather is cool, plus an oversize suit, it has almost become the standard for urban women.

It is even deeper in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and all of them show a good figure.

Nowadays, the superiority brought by high appearance or good figure is a major source of contemporary girls’ self-confidence.

In other words, being able to wear yoga pants on the street is a great symbol of urban women’s self-confidence.

So what do you start Yoga What about the pants that became popular? We have to start from the European and American circles.

Foreign supermodels such as Kendall Jenner began to wear concave yoga pants as early as a few years ago.

They felt that they were healthy and sexy for the first time.

Slowly, many female stars such as Yang idempotent began to take the trend in China, and gradually became a way to show their figure in the streets and alleys.

If you don’t have special confidence in your body, or your dressing style is relatively conservative, and you want to try yoga pants, you can pay attention to these points in matching.

If you’re afraid of revealing an awkward position, you might as well choose an oversize jacket.

A sweater or a long T-shirt is a good choice to cover PP skillfully and play with the sports mix and match style.

If the temperature rises, You can choose short yoga pants.

The position above the knee can be used as shorts.

Whether you are doing sports or going out shopping, wearing a long sleeved shirt at the waist can not only have a strong sense of shape, but also cover the awkward position.

The yoga pants with nice shorts are also known as “riding pants” in European and American circles.

They look like tight bottomed shorts in appearance, However, this style is more diversified in collocation.

The long shirt upper body and waist knot not only play with the “knot” trend, but also strengthen the covering in the appropriate position.

Compared with the long yoga pants, the riding pants are more fashionable.

They are not only on the show of fashion week, but also increasingly become one of the popular items.

For those who are afraid of embarrassment, they can collide with suits, This strong and beautiful handsome spirit was ignited in an instant.

Fashion elites can also tie up their suits with a wide belt, pay attention to the waist line, and enhance their aura at once, which skillfully avoids the embarrassment of wearing out.

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