The little sister wearing yoga pants is fashionable and full of design sense, with great charm

The little sister wearing yoga pants is fashionable and full of design sense, with great charm.

There are many collocations of yoga pants, such as wearing alone, with shirts, with sweaters, jeans with sweaters, etc.

How can a good-looking sweater match yoga pants to be taller and thinner? This problem is difficult for everyone to adjust.

Today’s fashion fan fan shares with you the collocation of sweaters and yoga pants! Sweaters and yoga pants look good with sweaters! Long sweaters don’t need Yoga Pants anymore! Yoga pants match clothes, not half pants! A versatile piece.

Any sweater is versatile! Let’s take a look at how short girls in the lower body should match yoga pants.

There are three colors to choose from: dark denim yoga pants; Light colored sweater and wool trousers; Black sweater and wool trousers; For the lower body, it is recommended to choose knee boots.

For trousers, it is more feminine to choose a nine point length, and it will be better to expose the ankle skin! Sweater: vertical striped sweaters can only be controlled by tall people.

Vertical striped yoga pants are still very good-looking.

Look at the following figure, the requirements of sweaters for height are not very high.

If there is a waist line, it is OK.

This length can find a perfect match! Sweater + T-shirt: the following figure is a pure sweater and high-heeled shoes.

Each has its own advantages! Sweater + jeans: small hole jeans are popular this year! A mature flavor, denim shorts can lengthen the proportion of the lower body! Sweater + Shorts: half of the long and half of the short are suitable for any short sweater.

The matching of sweater + shorts is beautiful! If the clothes are too long, you can match them with pants like this.

Long pants and short pants.

I’m a girl who likes a-pants very much.

I’m tall, thin and handsome! Sweater + floral Pants: Floral pants are the Savior of all kinds of sweaters.

They can be fashionable with high waist wide leg pants or shorts! Sweater + Wide Leg Pants: the wide striped sweater and wide leg pants look cool.

You can also try them.

They look good with casual jeans! Sweater + Shorts: let’s share a surprise with the girls.

Sweaters and shorts look good! Sweater with Shorts: there are many beautiful girls with the same sweater and shorts below.

The choice of sweater is very important and the material of sweater is also different! Let’s share the following two colors of sweaters, high necked sweaters and ruffled sweaters! Sweaters with Shorts: there are many kinds of girls who look good with sweaters and shorts.

Sweaters with high necks and sweaters with shorts look good! Sweater with Shorts: let’s share sweater with Shorts: it’s beautiful to wear blue high waist and wide leg pants! Sweater with Shorts: gentle and lovely, with nine point casual pants is also good! Sweaters with Shorts: sweaters with shorts look neat.

The upper body is aging.

How to match them is very harmonious! Sweater with Shorts: if sweater with shorts, you can choose jeans.

Short sweater with straight pants is very good.

Sweater with Shorts: it’s also good to match nine point casual pants! The following collocation is still higher with a short sweater and light colored Capris! Sweater with Shorts: this color is very suitable for camel short sweater.

In addition, a pair of wide leg pants is also very thin and tall! That’s all for today.

Have you learned it?..

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