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The upper body of simple matching yoga pants is very foreign, reflecting the perfect state, simple and decent

The upper body of simple matching yoga pants is very foreign, reflecting the perfect state, simple and decent.

The matching of yoga pants is the most difficult part of the overall matching.

The selected bottoms can make the upper body look slimmer visually, but sometimes they only get a round waist effect, which makes people look bloated.

How to match to make the whole not crowded and high waist, both good-looking and thin? The master of this article gives you 10 suggestions to help you increase your height, show thin and don’t get fat! 1.

The increased and thin bottoms are only suitable for the line beauty in the middle of the thigh, and the parts from the lower leg to below the knee are the forbidden area of the skirt.


The proportion of head, neck and legs is also important to increase.

Try routing from the bottom of your thigh.


Pay attention to the width of yoga pants with different lengths.

The width of the bottom is greater than that of the top, so it won’t appear bloated.


If you wear a split or designed style, you must choose the style with short front and long back.


Yoga pants with too strong lines on the top are not suitable for the bottom.

They should be soft, thin lines or slightly curved.


The clothes on the upper body should be loose, and the loose design of the lower body will be thin.


If the lower body is a round neck dress, you can choose lace or a lower garment with a little wave point effect.


Yoga pants with waist retraction show longer and thinner legs.


A-line skirt or skirt with large hem can help improve the waistline, which will make people look tall and thin.


Choose yoga pants with high waist line so that they won’t look bloated.

Outlook: visual tension, sagging buttocks, thick thighs and lack of curves.

Beauty groups are more suitable to wear yoga pants with simple lines.

The girl with flat chest and not full circumference should avoid too complicated styles and reduce the phenomenon of edema.

Strap Yoga Pants show all the lines of the upper body.

The waist retraction design can lengthen the body proportion, so as to create a personalized and interesting shape.

In particular, the square necked strap yoga pants are exquisite and age reducing, and also elongate the lines of both arms, making them look thinner.

Flat breasted girls should try to avoid yoga pants with too wide and too long straps, and should try to choose skirt length, and cut the straps from the head.

The thin mushroom is cool.

Wearing a one line collar design suspender skirt will cover the deputy breast, but at the same time, it will expose the thin neckline.

Although camel and beige look very pure, they make people feel uncoordinated when wearing them.

Geese and black will create a strong three-dimensional visual sense in matching.

When matching white T-shirts with high collar down jacket, it is easy to be seen as a round collar.

You must wear a warm jacket inside.

Boys don’t have to ask.

Without this ability, don’t think there’s no problem with their meat.

You should learn from the designer, create your unique personality through details, and skillfully show the overall shape.

Boys with short hair should also try not to get a head of hair that is short and long at the same time.

It’s best to leave a mild bangs and match it with a high collar coat or sweater.

If you are a big yellow, you might as well change your hair color to a darker one.

The casual series looks more comfortable than coming, and can better reflect the sense of air.

Don’t dye your hair in such a fluffy color.

It’s more recommended to choose a linen style, which looks refreshing…

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