The Yoga method of regulating intestines and stomach is practiced every day, both inside and outside

Because of irregular work and rest and high pressure in work and life, many people lead to overeating and lack of exercise, resulting in weakness of gastrointestinal function and imbalance of gastrointestinal Qi, blood and energy transportation, resulting in various gastrointestinal discomfort and diseases.

All the food we eat needs to be digested by the spleen and stomach to obtain nutrition, so it is very important to maintain the gastrointestinal function.

Share five yoga exercises with you.

Regular practice can improve the intestinal system, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and reduce the occurrence of stomach pain.

Triangle tip: stabilize the soles of your feet, keep your legs extended, and the trapezius must sink, which will increase endurance and keep your arms up When bending sideways, the upward extending arm acts as an upward tensile force, and the weight of the upper body falls on the side waist rather than the lower arm.

Efficacy: by twisting the spine, massage the organs in the abdominal cavity, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, prevent constipation and avoid dyspepsia.

It can also enhance leg muscle strength, remove excess fat from hips and legs, tighten the waist and relieve sciatica.

Key points of Double Angle Style: don’t put the center of gravity on the heel, which will lead to unnecessary pressure on the knee, and the knee fossa will feel tight.

Adjust the body’s center of gravity, learn to tighten the muscles in the front of the thigh and pull it to the pelvis to maintain the space of the knee joint.

The feet are slightly buckled, and the foundation of both feet must be firmly fastened.

In particular, the root of the big toe needs to be firmly pressed to prevent excessive stretching of the outer ankle.

Efficacy: improve digestion, improve gastroptosis, increase blood supply to the upper body and head area, and stretch the pelvis, hamstring and two leg muscles.

(it’s not suitable to do this pose after dinner) key points of the variant of the warrior’s three poses: the pelvis rotates towards the standing leg.

In the initial practice, the standing leg can be bent or lifted slightly lower in the back, which will reduce the center of gravity of the body and be more stable.

Pay attention to the middle of the pelvis and both sides of the hips are at the same level.

Efficacy: it can practice the balance and stability of the body, help shrink and strengthen abdominal organs, maintain gastric muscle contraction, prevent excessive gastric acid, effectively cure gastric ulcer, enhance the function of circulatory system, stretch hips and make the body light.

Key points of bow style: the left and right pelvis and abdomen should be close to the ground, use the waist and abdomen strength to keep the body stable, stretch out the shoulders as far as possible without shrugging, and the head and feet should be close to each other and extend upward.

(tools can also be used for initial practice) efficacy: fully extend the spine backward, massage abdominal organs, keep the digestive tract unobstructed, increase gastric acid secretion, improve anorexia, nourish lungs, liver and kidney, and improve respiratory discomfort.

Lion style Essentials: straighten your arms, open your fingers, stretch your back, slightly retract your jaw, inhale deeply, exhale, open your mouth as wide as possible, stick out your tongue (the longer the better), and look hard at the ceiling (roll your eyes), Send out with your throat “Ah” sound.

Efficacy: nourish the liver, adjust the circulation of bile, so as to improve the digestion process.

It can also increase the blood circulation of the root of the throat and tongue, help remove the mucus accumulated on the tongue, eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth, and make the pronunciation clearer.

It is also a good position to eliminate the pain of the tailbone.

If the tailbone is misaligned, this position is helpful for recovery, and it is also a good choice A good way to help beauty.

Keep practicing and your body will give you the best feedback.

Take care of yourself and start with physical practice.

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