The young woman in white short sleeves and grey yoga pants is charming and sexy

Young women in white short sleeves and grey yoga pants are both charming and sexy..

The collocation of yoga pants is the easiest to make mistakes.

If we are careless, it will appear rigid.

So what should we do? Minute “handsome you”, the principle is that the whole body should not exceed 3 colors.

Non Top Shirts, suits, coats, waistcoats, MIDI pants (not too forked) must have similar colors, and only need to be decorated, such as brighter jewelry, shoes and socks, hair style, etc.

It’s better not to have more than 3 kinds of bright colors and lightness of the whole body (too much lightness will reduce the texture due to color).

As shown in the figure below, the whole black will appear monotonous, the lightness is too large, and the white will look too old-fashioned.

Hip wrap skirt is no exception.

Hip Wrap Skirt can only expose ankles and buttocks to cover the lower legs.

It is most taboo to leak the thighs.

Otherwise, the hips and lower legs are white as a whole.

People are thin and short.

If they wear long legs, they will only feel like a fluffy skirt.

If they wear short and fat ones, they will look short.

Choose simple, low-key and slightly grayscale items, which are similar to the color of shoes or pants, such as A-shaped pointed high heels, Navy high heels, blue high heels, gray sneakers or floral shoes, and dark shoes, which are super beautiful in summer! The color should not be too messy.

If you wear too complex, it will look fancy and bright all over, which will make you look particularly old-fashioned.

The color of the skirt should be similar to that of the pants.

The current popular fluorescent colors, red, purple and gold will make people wear old-fashioned.

It is suggested to try the light colors such as light brown, coffee, beige and military green.

MIDI skirt with Hip Wrap Skirt and Lantern Sleeve yoga pants will also make people wear old-fashioned, and the loose length will also be short.

You can learn from the matching below.

The slightly tightened design and emphasis on the waist are very sexy.

Top choice: skirt with silhouette (such as large V-neck, V-neck, V-neck, etc.) and A-shaped pointed high heels.

When children buy clothes, such as knitting, sweaters, T-shirts and suspenders in the figure below, they should try to choose.

There should be no large patterns, large areas of small broken flowers, excessive printing and various colors, which will give people a feeling of disorderly dressing.

They will look clean and comfortable only if the color is uniform and there is not too much decoration…

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