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Yoga and health in urban life [shoulder and neck physiotherapy series] harm of shoulder and neck problems: human aging starts from the shoulder and neck.

Shoulder and neck is the place where toxins are most likely to accumulate and the key to disease.

The source of all diseases comes from blood, and the cause of all diseases is Qi.

In traditional Chinese medicine, if the Qi is insufficient, the blood is not smooth, the blood is not smooth, the water is not flowing, and the poison is not discharged if the water is not flowing.

After the toxin accumulates in the shoulder and neck, it will compress the blood vessels, so that the blood cannot be well transported to the head and face, which will cause dizziness, headache, insufficient oxygen supply to the brain, fatigue, decreased sleep quality, memory loss, yellowing, darkening, long spots, skin aging, etc.

What are the benefits of Yoga shoulder and neck physiotherapy: 1 Yoga has been proved by the medical community that its various practice methods are very beneficial to human psychological and physical health.

He can improve the operation efficiency of the human heart, slow down the respiratory rate, strengthen the body, reduce blood pressure, relax the body and mind, reduce psychological pressure, alleviate anxiety, improve the degree of spiritual concentration, and the poet enters a state of peace and tranquility.

At the same time, continuous practice can improve the stability and coordination of the body, which is conducive to sleep and digestive system.


Shoulder neck physiotherapy Yoga fundamentally relaxes the mental and physical pressure, stretches muscles, improves blood circulation, removes lactic acid and reduces pain.

For shoulder neck physiotherapy yoga, in the discipline of yoga, it is called “physiological dialectics of human body observation”, which means that we should first “observe the heart” and “observe the body”, which is described in the Yoga Sutra.

For the shoulder and neck problems that often occur in sedentary people, weekly yoga physiotherapy courses can improve the shoulder and neck discomfort caused by office syndrome.


The purpose of yoga is to maintain and consolidate the efficient operation of human health function, clean and relax all organs of the body, eliminate diseases, maintain youth and purify the moral and spiritual world of human nature.

Yoga physiotherapy has a unique and complete system.

It is not like ordinary medical methods that need external force (such as drugs) for treatment.

Yoga physiotherapy requires the sick to fully understand their body, exercise and pay attention to the subtle changes of their body, and use yoga methods to gradually improve the self-healing ability of the body and relieve the pain.


Systematically and regularly practice Yoga asanas, pranayamas, mudras, meditation and develop regular eating habits under the guidance of yoga teachers, which will help the human body effectively establish muscle groups in all parts and enhance gland and nerve functions.

Purify the mind, establish a healthy and positive attitude towards life, and eliminate physical and psychological agitation and anxiety.

Calm your body and mind and achieve a peaceful state of life.

Course video teacher introduction: Mr.

Li Xiaomin, who has eight years of yoga teaching experience, is a senior yoga instructor of the Training College of China Yoga Alliance, a private rehabilitation physiotherapy yoga instructor of the international yogi alliance ยท Duan Xiaoping, a graduate of a series of yoga teacher training courses of healing Yin, a private certification intensive course of propsmaster assistive master, a tutor of Iyengar intensive special courses Global Yoga Workshop instructor, Pilates mat and large equipment training course instructor…

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