Wearing silk Yoga Pants is light, comfortable and generous. I don’t believe you see

Wearing silk Yoga Pants is light, comfortable and generous.

I don’t believe you see.

The matching of yoga pants is to highlight the effect, so many girls think that the top and bottom must be kept in a certain proportion.

In fact, it is not necessarily.

For the old Buddha Chanel, yoga pants are not so particular.

As long as they are stylish, we should learn to value the whole rather than the part, and create a perfect body with a loose version, Wear the loose version out of the long legs.

Do you all think this body is relatively loose and doesn’t seem to be very effective? Try tightening it a little to show the curve.

Lace shoulder straps can really lengthen the body shape and expose the beautiful shoulders and neck.

They are always very beautiful with the freshness and retro style of small fragrant jacket and suspender pants.

Grandma’s handbag is to have grandma’s taste.

It is gorgeous but not ostentatious.

It is dotted with white pearls on the chest.

Wearing it is an artifact for eating.

The slim coat is not as difficult to match as you think, so the shirt can be used as an avant-garde choice.

For this innovative style, you can add a small vest outside the shirt, which is easy to match perfectly! The big pocket is the only choice to be thin and warm.

It is simple but not simple to match with a loose coat and a baseball cap.

Don’t look at the simple Chinese clothes with cowboy coat.

When Lao Foye wore the popular Alexander McQueen high collar sweater with cowboy coat to attend the event, this combination can also create a different effect.

For the oversized coat, we should try it bravely.

A silver flared pants with low satiety can show leg length, whether thick heels or high heels.

There are few sexual colors in the red knitted top.

It is essential for fashionable women to choose a black sweater with clean white shoes.

The color of small accessories in the same color system is more lively and beautiful.

Beige knitting is white and high-grade.

It won’t make mistakes no matter how you wear it.

This dress is more simple.

A clean pair of jeans fully meet the driving needs.

It is matched with straw hat and straw bag to show the casual style.

Caramel color knitting saturation is not high and does not affect air permeability, so there will be no mistake in matching yoga pants with a thick knitted coat, and the one shoulder design will not cover the empty pockets of yoga pants.

This black knit with black Capri pants can ensure the slimming to the greatest extent, and a pair of sunglasses can show the taste.

The retro top hat can concave the big sister’s aura, and it is very stylish to walk.

It is very important to grasp the waistline.

You must put it in a very suitable position.

If you think it looks too mediocre, you can rely on high-heeled shoes, which will not look sluggish and can create proportion.

Don’t miss the boots this spring.

It’s super versatile to match with small white shoes.

The thin effect of muffin shoes is obviously better than that of flat shoes with straight straps, and the proportion of medium and high waist is more fashionable.

For people with a wide span, try to match yoga pants with high waist lines, so that pants of any length will be thin and tall.

As long as they are within 10 cm higher than themselves, they will not step on the bottom line of falling legs.

We can find out whether a coat in the shirt will look better.

If the old Buddha wears such a suit and coat, matching with a yoga pants will never be disqualified, but the most important thing is that short girls don’t imitate.

Matching with leggings is definitely your best choice…

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