Yoga calendar | February: fasting day, full moon day, new moon day

Time の player の time isArt の this is the 1945 day that time の player の accompanies you.

Happy new year の Hello, Saguru の New Year message in February.

This year, I hope all of us have the courage, determination and consciousness to make ourselves better people and create a better world.

February · Yoga calendar 12: ekadashi fasting day 26: ekadashi fasting day the significance of fasting day (with diet guide) | tomorrow is the fasting day.

On this day, you will be fasting, Sadhguru: intermittent fasting is the most beneficial method | fasting and cell purification correct fasting method and time | today is fasting day 15: Purnima full moon day Sadhguru: every full moon day is of great significance | today is full moon day.

What is the special meaning of new moon day and full moon day (today is new moon day) Sadhguru: what is the difference between full moon day and new moon day? On the 15th: Lantern Festival, let the lights awaken your inner nature.

February · activities lie in spring at the time of the year and in the morning at the time of the day.

Let Yoga awaken the body and start a new day and a new year with meditation, Give yourself and others a new start # 1) sign up for the first online [morning camp] in 2022 – concentration and memory series (camp starts on February 15 and ends when it is full) 2) February March Hatha Yoga offline workshop February 19 – February 20 Quanzhou March 5 – March 6 Guangzhou March 12 – March 13 Wuhan March 19 – March 20 Shanghai specific course information: February March Hatha Yoga core course registration (Wuhan, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Quanzhou) 🌕 3) monthly food, new moon and full moon days.

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I wish you a wonderful life.

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