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[Yoga cleanses the mind] Yoga controls breathing and makes the mind focus

click 👇 The following card focuses on “Zhixing soul garden”, and adds ★ star Mark ★ to share the benefits of yoga with you in the article of the previous issue, mainly introducing the benefits of practicing yoga to your health.

And through long-time practice, it can help us calm down and help our inner stability.

The reason why yoga can make internal stability is that Yoga pays great attention to the control and application of breathing in the process of practice, so as to improve concentration.

In ancient knowledge classics, it was once mentioned that “we give our mind great concentration by controlling our breath (life energy)…

If we focus on external things and look for information of interest to sensory organs, we can’t maintain the state of concentration and concentration”.

Refers to the star psychological counseling hotline: 16692290426, which means that in ordinary life, our attention has been focused on the outside world and the things our senses are interested in.

For example, we will watch all kinds of good-looking films and TV dramas to satisfy our eyes, listen to all kinds of information to satisfy our ears, smell all kinds of good smells to satisfy our nose, eat all kinds of delicious food to satisfy our tongue, touch different things and wear all kinds of good-looking clothes to satisfy our body.

This is not a big problem in itself, because our senses are born with these functions.

But everything is the opposite when it reaches the extreme.

If we overuse our senses, we will greatly consume the life energy of our senses.

The human body is like a precision instrument.

It also has a service life and needs regular maintenance.

If we only know how to use our senses without knowing how to maintain and control them, at a certain time, our senses will go wrong and our health will go wrong.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy life is not just doing exercise or massage, but working hard on the body.

It is more important to control and purify our hearts, because it is our thoughts that drive our senses to act.

Zhixing psychological counseling hotline: 16692290426 yoga can help us take our attention back from the outside world, control the actions of seeing, listening, smelling, eating and touching, and control the use of senses within a good limit.

At the same time, because of long-term practice, our self-control and attention are well trained, and we are no longer in a state of confused thoughts and changeable thoughts, which will greatly improve our concentration in doing things and recuperate our senses.

Modern people’s life is full of all kinds of explosive information, so it is difficult not to be affected.

Almost every day we open our eyes, we are running under high load.

The Lunar New Year is coming soon.

The new year is about to begin.

Is it time to slow down and join us in a yoga breath practice.

Discharge the turbid gas accumulated in the body for a year, stop the running senses and calm your heart.

When your attention returns to the inside, you will find that everything is new and you have never known yourself well.

In the new year, let’s start by taking good care of ourselves.

Zhixing soul garden will launch Yoga heart purification course during the new year.

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Zhixing traditional culture public welfare lecture hall Zhixing soul garden holds a traditional culture public welfare lecture every Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30 a.m.

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