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Yoga is not only an exercise for the body, but also an exercise for the heart

Yoga is like a purposeless journey.

When you come from one place to another, you will experience many different scenery.

When you are satisfied, you will continue to start.

Practicing Yoga itself is from one posture to another.

Each different posture can make you have more fun.

This is actually the process of cultivating your heart.

When practicing yoga posture, it is also to achieve inner cultivation, and the ultimate goal is often ignored in practice.

Many people only pursue superficial things when practicing, so there is no way to achieve good results.

Most people always want to have perfect knowledge of yoga when they practice.

But imperfection is human nature.

Only by admitting imperfection can we really find our true self.

In fact, although it is not perfect, as long as the heart is complete.

Yoga recumbent angle posture is actually relatively simple to practice.

It is a posture that communicates with plough posture.

If you can practice it regularly, you can also promote the blood circulation of the brain, make more blood flow to the brain, have a flexible mind, improve memory and effectively improve the ability of thinking, You can slowly smooth the impetuous heart through an inverted angle, and you can achieve a kind of cultivation from the inside out.

When practicing yoga recumbent angle, you should first control your breathing.

First, lift your legs together at right angles to your body, straighten your knees, use your waist, and straighten your legs above your head.

The toes of your feet can be next to the ground, keep your knees straight, put your hands on your waist, stabilize the center of gravity of your body, and separate your legs as much as possible, The toes of both feet touch the ground, and then maintain the stability of the body.

Keep the palms of both hands together in front of the chest, gradually extend the arms upward, and keep breathing for 5 ~ 8 times.

Yoga posture can be as soft as water or as stable as a mountain.

Only by adhering to practice can you really achieve the effect of cultivating your heart.

When you adhere to it, you will see more benefits.

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