New Yoga Life

Dear Jiaren, the meditation space of healing Yin Yoga carefully prepared by teacher Li Yuan has officially met with you today.

After landing in this space, you will follow the guidance of Teacher Li Yuan and experience a series of courses such as Yin Yoga, yin yang yoga, physiotherapy yoga and Tai Chi yoga, which will bring you physical and mental elegance and quiet; You can also follow teacher Li Yuan’s method to practice various breathing methods of yoga.

Whether it is only for your body or your yoga practice will make you make great progress; You can also follow teacher Li Yuan’s guidance to meditate and meditate, and embark on your inner journey home; In particular, if you also want to be a disseminator of yoga, the online teaching of Yin Yoga Workshop by teachers Li Yuan will make you stay at home and realize your dream! Teacher Li Yuan’s space is still being improved and updated.

I look forward to your joining [hug] [hug].

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