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Yoga pants don’t match sports shoes. Miss and sister match “naked boots” to show high fashion, which ordinary people can’t control

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This is also the season when you can get out of the street.

If you want to have a good figure, you must have a slim figure.

Yoga Pants, which are very popular in recent years, are still very popular this year.

But if you want to wear fashionable clothes, don’t match yoga pants with sports shoes.

Learn from this young lady wearing “naked boots”.

She is tall and fashionable, which is beyond the control of ordinary people.

As a comfortable, slim and fashionable popular commodity, yoga pants are naturally suitable for sports shoes, but more people wear them, which not only makes passers-by feel, but also makes them very tall.

A little sister in the street is good at wearing it.

She overlaps it with the white “bare boots” that fit her feet.

She not only wears slender legs, but also is very fashionable.

It is worth referring to the “bare boots” which are light and fit.

The so-called “bare boots” refer to short boots that are light and fit, which can minimize the volume of shoes.

Because it is very delicate, it is easier to look slim when worn on the feet, connected with the lower legs and matched with high heels.

However, due to the thin boot mouth at the ankle, it is more picky.

This is the case with the little sister’s bare boots.

It is difficult for ordinary people to control.

Although these bare boots are difficult to wear, they are still a good way to wear them.

As long as the ankles are thin and light enough and wear high heels, they can make tight Yoga Pants thinner.

The elastic socks and boots in the picture are a good choice.

They are the same color as yoga pants, fashionable and high.

How do yoga pants fold “naked boots” to be more fashionable and thinner 1.

Black socks and black boots yoga pants, socks and boots are also very popular in recent years.

It is not only suitable for stacking various fragrance leisure styles, but also can be matched with yoga pants with pure black as the base color.

The same type of little sister who overlaps bare boots with black socks and boots also wears slim and perfect legs.

She is really a good figure.

In the overlap of yoga pants and black socks and boots, both are black to create a sense of connection, and the effect of thin and tall is the best.

For many girls with meat on their thighs or a low proportion of their lower body, wearing Yoga Pants alone may still show timidity.

Folding some hip tops is also a good way to cover meat, and it’s also fashionable.

Socks and boots in the same color as yoga pants for girls who like yoga pants in various colors, it is best to fold a pair of socks and boots in the same color as the pants.

The high principle of socks and boots is to lift the instep with high heels and connect the instep with the lower leg to create the visual effect of long legs.

Black has a wide range of uses, but if the picture is this brightly colored yoga pants, the effect of the same color is better.

When choosing socks and boots, you can also add some small decorations.

For example, sister’s socks and boots in the picture have personalized bandage design, which not only has highlights and is more fashionable, but also avoids the monotonous glare of the lower body.

In addition, the texture of socks and boots is also very important.

The wrapping degree of the boot barrel to the foot is not good enough, which may reduce the effect 3.

Shallow high heels + exposed ankles in addition to socks and boots, the more classic long leg artifact “shallow mouth high heels” is also one of the collocations worth trying.

The shallow mouth exposes the skin of the feet.

As long as the Yoga Pants properly expose the ankles, they also have the effect of showing the length of the legs.

In the picture, the little sister’s color matching yoga pants are very fashionable when overlapped with black shallow mouth high heels.

It should be noted that not all high heels are suitable for overlapping yoga pants.

Without the natural connection of yoga pants, ankles and shoes, it is easy to cut off the legs, but there is no effect of height and thin.

In the picture, the little sister’s fish mouth shoes are like this.

The whole body is too complex to overlap, which shows a thin feeling.

The best choice must be to see the connection between the foot and the ankle in the front.

Even if the color of the shoes is different from that of the yoga pants, it has a good high effect.

The high-heeled shoes can adjust the posture, make the temperament better, and the leg lines will be more smooth and symmetrical.

The little sister in the picture uses black shallow mouth high-heeled shoes to wear the charm of yoga pants.

Fashion summary: as a classic fashion item, yoga pants are easy to be compared when more people wear them.

If they look good, they become a figure fight.

Miss Xue overlaps with bare boots, socks boots and shallow mouth high heels, which not only reduces the body size overlapped with sports shoes, but also can wear more personalized, fashionable, tall and thin.

Get up quickly! Yoga pants don’t go with sports shoes.

Miss and sister wear “naked boots” to show high fashion, which ordinary people can’t control.

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