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“Yuyue Spring Festival” online Yoga punch in begins! Come and get the exclusive benefits!

Today, February 2, the second day of the first lunar month, during the Spring Festival, every family can not do without cooking delicious food, which blooms between your lips and teeth.

While you are full of happiness, the “Curse” of “holiday fat” has also come…

If you want to avoid “three kilograms of fat every festival”, you might as well try yoga exercise! The “Yuyue Spring Festival” online Yoga punch in activity will be officially launched today.

The activity scope is Binhai New Area.

The activity time is from February 2 (the second day) to February 6 (the sixth day).

Employees who have not joined the online Yoga punch in group in the way of participation, please scan the QR code below to join the group (Note: due to the need to complete the five-day punch in, the score of joining the group on the 3rd will be invalid) activity rules 1.

During the activity, In the wechat punch in group, follow the yoga teacher to complete the specified actions of the daily video, upload the photos of the fitness actions of the day to the wechat group, you can be regarded as punching in once, and the employees who complete all punching in five days can get a prize.

Those who do not participate in punching in five days will be treated as abstaining.

If they are found to use online pictures, videos and other cheating behaviors, they will be disqualified from the competition.


The winners will be announced after the festival.

Please look forward to it.


The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to the Federation of trade unions of Binhai New Area.

100 employees who punch in all 5 days will be rewarded with a prize worth 50 yuan.

(the bonus payment will be adjusted according to the actual number of participants) the following two activities are also in progress.

Click the picture below to view the details.

For more benefits, click the picture to view the relevant articles..

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