At the age of 37, Zhu Zhu basks in yoga punch in photos. She is in good shape after childbirth. Her husband holds her daughter and

Recently, Zhu Zhu posted photos of herself doing yoga on the social platform, and added: “punch in on the fifth day, the big challenge of Yoga of piggy sweet pie”.

It can be seen that even if it is the Spring Festival break, Zhu Zhu is trying her best to take care of her body and doesn’t forget to exercise.

It can be seen from the photos that Zhu Zhu, dressed in a black tight sportswear, has very slim limbs and good figure.

He is also very good at yoga.

Exercise in the sun also has a different flavor.

Zhu Zhu is doing sports, while Wang Yunjia, her husband, is taking care of her baby daughter.

Wang Yunjia stood aside with her daughter in her arms.

The little baby leaned on her father’s shoulder.

It was very cute.

The three members of the family were also very warm with the same frame.

In addition, the couple also took pictures of their daughter on the carpet.

The little baby held his fist in one hand and propped his head on the ground in the other hand.

He also worked hard to raise his head and looked particularly cute in the sunlight.

Zhu Zhu married Wang Yunjia last year, and their wedding was also very low-key at that time.

After about half a year of marriage, Zhu Zhu gave birth to the crystallization of their love, a baby daughter.

When the baby was born, like Zhu Zhu, there were pear vortices on her face.

She even smiled when she slept.

She was very cute.

After having children, Zhu Zhu and her husband also have a clear division of labor.

After a period of rest, she quickly adjusted her state and began to exercise and lose weight.

Two months later, she officially returned, although she was still 10 kilograms heavier than before delivery.

The child is taken care of by her husband Wang Yunjia.

Some time ago, Wang Yunjia also took a cute picture of the baby on the social platform.

He looked straight at his father drinking coffee and his saliva flowed down.

The relationship between father and daughter is really very warm.

In fact, Zhu Zhu will accompany her children and husband as long as she doesn’t work.

At the beginning of the year, Zhu Zhu also sent a document saying that holding the child in the sun together, because the cold still wrapped the baby tightly.

Now Zhu Zhu’s work is also very stable, and the baby is also thriving.

I hope it can be better and better!..

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