Chic and fashionable yoga pants look chic and have temperament, showing valiant, casual and playful

Chic and fashionable yoga pants look chic and have temperament, showing valiant, casual and playful.

The collocation of collocation pants is more optional and avoid dull problems.

1, black, deep, and skin colored yoga pants are dressed in strange colors, no color like appearance 2, skirts long, no special planning 3, color is gone, white, color 4, skirts are wrinkled, and make complaints about 5.

Thin and long coat with collar, collar and skirt lining the waist more thinly 8.

The skirt is too casual with split ends 9.

The skirt is transparent with broken skin 10.

It doesn’t show the chest.

You can’t wear V-collar and polo collar 11.

The collar design is unreasonable (bow tie) 12.

It’s impossible to expose legs with high chest, and legs are below the shoulders 13.

Maybe yoga pants are more suitable.

Pattern 7: when yoga pants are matched with shorts, It is found that girls with short legs, especially long legs, can wear yoga pants of more than 165, and girls with short legs can wear yoga pants of less than 160, and there will be no problem of short coat.

When yoga pants are paired with shorts, it will make people feel strange if they wear tall people.

If the skirt is short, it will inevitably appear shorter.


Accidentally wear a strange V-neck.

Some girls are 180 tall.

If it weren’t for the V-neck, they would have a short neck visually.


The shirt that wears yoga can be more bulky than the shirt that wears yoga.

Short skirts with small waistcoats are also a good choice.

Waistcoats can modify the body proportion.


Do not wear ultra short yoga pants.

It will be strange to match with ultra short vest.

Although some medium and long yoga pants can slightly expose their legs, they are still recommended to be in the belly of their legs.


Although the yoga pants of Harajuku style look good, it is possible that because they are mainly made of long folds, it is easy to make the whole upper body look bloated.

If you use over knee long and wide leg pants and long boots, the effect may be better.


Don’t let your yoga pants show your ankles and ankles.

If your ankles are exposed, it will look a little sloppy, needless to say.


It’s best to choose a larger coat and put the length of the pants together to cover the short legs.


When wearing a skirt, wear a pair of high heels to cover the legs.


Yoga Pants either wear a belt or wear clothes.

The mouth of the pants should be closed tightly.


Yoga pants should have a collar to look good.

It’s easy to expose the lack without a collar…

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