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Congratulations, your yoga teacher has been “angry” by you!

Almost everyone praises yoga teachers for their tenderness, kindness and love, but do you know? No matter how gentle and lovely yoga teachers are, they will also be “angry to death”, especially in the following situations! 1 late for class 2 swaggering in after being late and making a loud noise 3 playing mobile phones, chatting on wechat and making phone calls in class 4 the mobile phone is not silent and keeps playing messages to disturb other students in class 5 talking to people around, super loud 6 taking photos with mobile phones at any time, totally disrespecting the teacher 7 disobeying the teacher’s password, Practice blindly by yourself 8.

Groans of “mm-hmm” often occur in class, affecting other students to practice 9.

Try difficult postures by yourself before your body is ready 10.

Ask the teacher to perform handstand, one word horse and other postures again and again, and send a circle of friends without the consent of the teacher 11.

Roll the mat and leave without taking a rest 12.

Never make food and always ask the teacher “why am I not thin?” 13 say to the teacher, “teacher, can you put your feet on your head?” Finally, bargain with the teacher, “teacher, can your class be cheaper?” Have you seen these situations? It’s everyone’s responsibility to care for yoga teachers! ▼▼ if you want to learn more follow-up videos ▼▼ recommend good lessons and good things in the near future, and select yoga products in the lower left corner..

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