Do you practice yoga in the right order?

How long have you been practicing yoga? Have you ever thought about whether there is any mistake in these order? It’s not that the body is very soft to practice yoga, but that the body is soft after yoga.

It’s not to practice yoga in order to buy beautiful yoga pads, but to better practice.

It’s not that you can practice yoga when you have money, but that you can have more energy to make money by cultivating your body through yoga.

It’s not that you want to practice yoga when you’re sick, but that you don’t get sick when you insist on practicing yoga Not only do you insist on the effect, but insist on the effect.

Not all yoga has shortcuts, but learning the correct methods and ideas can get twice the result with half the effort.

You don’t have to like it very much to practice yoga, but the more you practice yoga, the more you like it.

Not only practicing yoga can you have a better life, but after practicing yoga, you will have a better life..

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