Experience | when tired, use yoga to return blood to yourself, and the personal test is useful!

Yoga reading notes | yoga training notes | yoga practice perception | story of Yoga people | yoga and Life | workplace story the body is really a magical existence.

Sometimes, it can carry things.

For example, no matter how busy and tired I was in the past, I basically won’t lose sleep.

The quality of sleep will be affected by a little bit of relaxation.

Maybe I have basically adjusted my biological clock back to normal, that is, from 9:00 to 10:00 p.m., my body will be quiet and ready to go to sleep.

If I have to work or do something with my mind during this period, my body will be forced to get excited.

So sleep becomes a problem.

Remember that night, it was similar.

In order to cooperate with others to write, I tossed until 11 pm, but I wasn’t sleepy.

By studying Yoga, I know that when I am not sleepy, I must not get angry in a hurry.

I seriously turned into the right lying position, and then let myself sing om silently in my heart, trying to go to sleep.

However, it didn’t work, but I took a breath and it was clearly dominated by the left nasal tract.

I had to sit up and stand in the dark for a while to see if I could calm the deep emotions that I hadn’t noticed.

After that, I went to the bathroom, prepared myself for sleep again and went back to bed.

Look at the surrounding environment.

Although the lights are off, I can’t see my fingers.

It seems that there are street lights outside.

Therefore, even if I can’t sleep in such an environment, I won’t be afraid or upset.

Maybe I’m lucky.

I fell asleep this time, but I really didn’t sleep well.

I woke up in the middle of the night and heard the flushing sound of my family going to the bathroom.

It’s not like my usual style.

The next day I drove to the international trade center.

It was blocked as expected.

The meeting was very simple.

I didn’t have much sense of participation, but more physical support.

Driving home, I feel very tired.

I feel tired from lack of sleep to driving fatigue to small collapse in my heart.

Every afternoon, as long as I am not busy, I will do another simple yoga practice.

Looking at my state, I decided to use yoga to recover my blood and replenish energy.

In more than an hour, I did three exercises.

The first one is the supine angle pose lying on the pillow.

I like this action since I first lay on Iyengar’s pillow.

Iyengar’s pillow has very good supporting performance, which is the kind of slow rebound.

Lying on it, the whole body can be completely relaxed, and the shoulders will naturally sink downward under the action of gravity.

Every time I lie down, I feel my breathing is fast.

Gradually, my breathing will slow down automatically and my heart will be quiet.

After 5-10 minutes, there will be a feeling on the shoulders, which is the feeling of being opened.

The chest will stretch towards the sky, and the shoulder blades seem to be closer to the body.

It’s amazing.

I have the illusion that my shoulders are more open than before.

In addition to the daily ah Tang practice, I think this pose is indispensable.

Perhaps, this is a kind of self feeling good.

If it is true, such a natural shoulder opening is always safer and happier than many people.

The second is the shoulder Handstand on the chair.

You can refer to the article and training.

When you do the shoulder Handstand on the chair, you actually overcome your inner fear!.

This kind of shoulder handstand with support is also addictive because the body’s feedback is too obvious.

Every time I keep the posture, I can clearly feel the abduction of my shoulders.

Sometimes my neck is uncomfortable, so I have to adjust my position.

At the same time, the longer you stay, the body will slowly heat up.

A question mark pops up in my mind.

Why does inverted stereo make the body hot? If you have a chance, you should find a special answer.

The third is Kriya Yoga, that is, in simple sitting, do 10 rounds of clearing meridians, sing 10 rounds of OM, and then sing 10 rounds of gayatrimantra.

I’ve heard a lot of magical stories about Kriya Yoga.

I look forward to the day when miracles will come to me.

When I’m free, I’ll practice.

It feels good to explore more inward.

The inner world seems to be very rich, far more colorful than we think, but only by calming down can we gradually go in.

After a toss, I quietly observed myself, as if I had recovered some energy, not as tired as when I first came home.

When people are tired, they not only want to sleep, but also do other things.

After I returned to my blood, although I was not full of energy, I had at least some strength and a clear mind, which was convenient for me to continue writing Yoga articles.

As for sleeping, I know that the difficulty and light sleep of the previous night are just cases, and naturally I won’t be nervous, but I will add a pre sleep meditation to calm my body and mind and create a powerful condition for sleep.

Not surprisingly, during the meditation practice, I began to yawn and shed tears.

Tears flowed from my left and right eyes in turn.

In a few minutes, a tear line was left on my face.

Even, I could vaguely feel the difference between those two tear lines and other skin on my face.

That night, I slept soundly.

Maybe I’m tired, or maybe the hypnosis I gave myself worked.

Anyway, I want to thank yoga.

Just because I practiced yoga and learned a lot of Yoga knowledge, I know my body better.

When it can’t work normally, I don’t feel at a loss, but calmly adjust its state.

Facts have proved effective.

I want to say that my harvest about fatigue and sleep is not accidental.

Yoga can really help everyone.

However, there is a premise that you need to start practicing yoga, believe in yoga, and give yourself some time to continue, so that the results will have a chance to emerge..

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