Have you gained good energy after experiencing a yoga practice?

︱ I read Yoga notes for a month in Swenson yoga training video.

Although I know that this video class is a kind of warm-up to drive sales for the next three video classes, David is a great God, and I always think I should listen to it.

I don’t want to miss any chance to get close to the great God, because they have a kind of magic that attracts me and can’t resist.

In the 90 minute video class, David introduced himself, led everyone to practice a short version of astonga and answered several netizens’ questions.

It seems ordinary, but I have benefited a lot.

I have summarized a few points for your reference.

Interesting soul in my eyes, David definitely has an interesting soul.

He is also a particularly typical American.

At the beginning of the live broadcast, he mentioned that he had lived in Hong Kong, China for two years and could speak some Cantonese.

He showed you a few words on the spot.

In this live broadcast, some students accessed through zoom, and David could see how they were doing postures.

He was surprised to find that one student was driving and listening to the live broadcast, laughing all the time, especially like a simple child.

When it comes to balancing flexibility and strength, David also imitates how overly soft and stiff people do yoga.

Well, he’s a living treasure.

If you have the opportunity to take David’s offline class, you should be very happy.

If you want to know more about his Ashtanga Yoga trip, you can refer to my previous excerpt and summary from the book inheritance to feel his attachment to yoga when he was young.

It turns out that the answer to the question of philosophy of life is on the yoga mat…

The theory of energy David mentioned in the live class that many people see only the surface of yoga, and the real Yoga takes place inside people.

Practicing yoga can calm people’s consciousness and practice meditation, but meditation doesn’t mean you can only sit and practice.

Tai Chi is also a kind of meditation.

It is a kind of dynamic meditation.

When we can control our consciousness and calm our nervous system, we feel good.

In Chinese culture, there are the concepts of “Qi” and “body energy”.

In this way, it is easier for Chinese practitioners to understand yoga.

He made a vivid analogy, “our body is like a container, which should be filled with good energy.” How to make the practitioner feel good, avoid injury and fill more good energy in yoga practice is very important.

When practicing yoga, practitioners should have more good energy, so as to heal themselves, make themselves better people, and share these good energy with the world and people around them.

Every time I see such a description of yoga, I can’t help sighing.

This great God really loves yoga to the bone, so he can say such simple words.

Yoga God can not only concave posture on the mat, but also apply the experience and feelings on the yoga mat to life, find the true meaning of life, and then encourage more people to start a better life.

If every yoga practitioner can let his efforts on the mat become what David described above, I don’t know how beautiful the world will become! At least, yoga practitioners can’t go in the wrong direction.

The practice is more dynamic and lasting.

Body heat comes from breathing.

David also mentioned that when practicing Ashtanga Yoga, you should listen to your breathing and feel the heat of the body.

This heat is actually an accessory.

It comes not from our posture, but from breathing.

In the depths of the body, there is a candle flame.

Breathing is equivalent to injecting oxygen into the body.

If there is more oxygen, the flame will burn more and more, and the body will sweat, burn away impurities and purify the body.

This heat is produced inside our bodies, just like a microwave oven.

Although hot yoga is good, practitioners rely on external heat.

Unlike Ashtanga Yoga, heat is generated directly from the body through breathing and asana.

This heat also makes muscles soft and flexible.

Imagine chewing gum, if you put it in a car.

In winter, chewing gum can be easily broken, but in summer, chewing gum can be easily bent and stretched without breaking.

Our muscles are like gum.

When practicing Ashtanga Yoga, our body is hot, which will also make our muscles safer.

In the Q & a session, some netizens mentioned how to protect the knee joint? ‘we all want to do double lotus, but the premise is that we have to open the hip so that the knee is safe,’ David said.

At the same time, we need to know how to use variants.

I understand that when the hip joint is not open enough, it must not be hard concave, otherwise it is compensating for the knee joint, or hurting the knee.

Finally, David tells a joke, but it makes sense, “in daily life, the ability to walk normally is far more valuable than any yoga pose.” I guess this is actually a kind reminder that practicing asanas is important, but it can’t be at the expense of the ability to live a normal life.

I agree very much.

I also want to praise the teacher’s good intentions.

I wonder if I can describe an interesting God Tang for you through this simple introduction? I believe David’s brilliance is far more than that.

Let’s leave the rest to you to explore slowly.

There are thousands of excellent yoga teachers in the world.

While spreading Yoga knowledge and sharing yoga experience, they are also telling the story of their relationship with yoga.

Each story is unique and worthy of collection by yoga lovers..

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