New Yoga Life

Funny joke: my colleague and yoga teacher got married, and the next day my colleague came to work holding the wall

1 old classmates gathering, a large table of people are eating.

Suddenly, a male classmate stood up and said, “sorry, my stomach is uncomfortable.

Go to the bathroom.” When he came back, a man said, “I said how did you eat?” The male classmate looked proud and charming: “do you know what it means not to go to the old and not to come to the new!!” At lunch today, my father said that my mother snored when she slept, so I couldn’t laugh.

Mom said in a hurry: how normal it is for women to snore! Now many women are saying hello! If you don’t believe it, ask your father! Dad jumped up and said: I knew you were snoring.

How do I know other women! 3 one day, the shift was late.

Just as a female colleague had just left work, we had a snack together.

But who knows, when I looked up, my daughter-in-law and her best friend were at the table next door.

I panicked instantly, motioned my colleagues not to speak, and then pointed to the table next door.

The female colleague nodded and said she understood.

Then she stood up and walked to the next table: “my colleague wants you to keep your voice down.

It’s very noisy!” At the summer vacation this year, my parents signed up for a cram school for my brother…

One morning, my brother sat up from his bed, slapped his face, fanned it for a while, and lay down again.

Tell my mother: I have a fever and can’t make up classes.

I was shocked! 5 just passed subject 4 yesterday.

I got my driver’s license.

I was very happy, so I called the coach and invited the coach to dinner.

I went to a very expensive place to eat seafood.

There’s no way.

I’m happy.

It’s not easy to squander once.

There are about 6000 after a meal.

Looking at the coach eating vigorously, I told the coach that I went to the toilet first, and then shut down and left.

I can imagine what will happen later! Revenge has been avenged.

Don’t see me in the Jianghu.

After ~6 marriage, I’ll go to the matchmaker the next day.

Questioned her: “did you say that the woman had Wang Fu Xiang before?” Matchmaker: Yes, isn’t it? Me: it’s a fart.

She started yelling at me when she got up together today.

Matchmaker: that’s right.

When I say “woof”, a dog barks “woof”, which means barking at you like a dog.

I’m right.

Me: My colleague and yoga teacher were newly married.

The next day, my colleague came to work holding the wall.

He said powerlessly that he was too uncomfortable.

Before going to bed, he had to do a complete set of yoga movements to go to bed.

For the movement standard, my waist would be broken, and my decades old waist would be gone.


I accompanied my wife to the mall.

When I came out, I saw a beggar.

When I came closer, I saw that it was really disabled.

I took out the only two yuan in my pocket and put it into his bowl.

Then he said to me, “man, you’d better take it back.

It’s not easy to see you.” I said, “it’s all right.

I’m happy to help you.” “Man, look at your wife’s face behind you.

You helped me now.

No one will help you when you go back!”..

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