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Guangxi Astanga yoga center card & price standard

Guangxi Astanga yoga center card & Price: Mysore: 2 times of intensive training and card drawing, 4 times of private education card , 150 yuan per time , 20 times , 2000 yuan = 100 yuan / time (valid for half a year) 50 times , 4800 yuan = 96 yuan / time (valid for half a year) 100 times , 8600 yuan = 86 yuan / time (valid for one year) 200 times , 15000 yuan = 75 yuan / time (valid for one year) monthly card , 1800 yuan / time , annual card , 9900 yuan (11 months, half a month to one month of Chinese New Year holiday, with a limit of 50 Places) intensive training: private education card for 2 times, maisuo deduct 0.5 times, 200 yuan for a single intensive training, 20 cards for 3500 yuan (valid for half a year), 50 cards for 7500 yuan (valid for one year) afternoon class: temporary absence can be made up on weekends, which can not be postponed.

One week ¥ 800, two weeks ¥ 1400, three weeks ¥ 1800 and four weeks ¥ 2200.

Private education and other courses: valid for one year, private education one-to-one: ¥ 500 / session, 20 hour private education card ¥ 6900 (¥ 345 / session), 50 hour private education card ¥ 15900 (¥ 318 / session), 100 hour private education card ¥ 29600 (¥ 296 / session), monthly private education card ¥ 4980 (20 class hours), annual private education card ¥ 39800 (200 class hours), weekend private education card ¥ 19800 (100 class hours), 5 small class classes: ¥ 600 / session; Company group class: ¥ 800 / session, teaching and training: 19800 yuan / person, 18800 yuan for 2-person group, 17800 yuan for 3-person group and 15800 yuan for 5-person group.

(on arrival, on study, free retraining within one year, only 3000 yuan / year after one year) description of the card item: * the monthly card and annual card are only for personal use, and the secondary card can be used with people, and the fee will not be refunded after being sold * all cards will be automatically invalid after expiration * 20 private classes, small classes and company group classes are the minimum, and they need to be paid before class* Please choose the appropriate card item according to your personal situation.

Come back after you think about it.

Don’t negotiate.

As for leave, members of all kinds of annual cards can ask for leave once within 30 days; For special reasons (such as pregnancy or major diseases), the card can be suspended once for more than three months.

The maximum time limit for card suspension is 12 months.

Semi annual card, monthly card and secondary card do not enjoy leave and card suspension.

For card transfer, all membership cards (within the term) can be transferred through negotiation for special reasons, and can only be transferred once.

All cards transferred will no longer have the right to ask for leave and stop cards.

If the card recipient is a new member, if there is a price difference, it needs to make up the price difference, and the original cardholder will no longer enjoy any discount.

The above price standards will be implemented on March 1, 2022.

The final interpretation right belongs to the yoga studio.

Room 708, building 5, Haoran landscape, No.

178, Minzu Avenue, Nanning, langdongdian.

Subway: exit B2 of Fengling station of line 1.

Bus: 405, unit 3, xinyuange, No.

4, Geyuan Road, Nanning, feicuiyuan East Gedian (200m from Getang Lane behind Minmetals building).

Subway: exit D / b of machun village, line 1 to Xiaohuang bus, Bus: the First Affiliated Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine Tel: 18878830180 plum teacher business hours: 7:30-21:00.

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