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How can we protect our knees in yoga and daily life?

We need to walk every day.

The most injured is the knee! If you still run, wear high heels and take stairs…

Your knees are under more pressure! The following actions can strengthen and stretch the knee and protect the knee from injury and pain.


Phantom chair pose this pose can strengthen the quadriceps, the back of the thigh and abductor muscles, and also increase the blood flow to the lower position of the body.

The phantom chair is usually far away from the wall, which requires more strength on the knees to support the body.

If necessary, it can be supported by walls.

Keep your feet hip width apart, put your back against the wall and slide down until your thighs are parallel to the ground, and your hands can be placed on your thighs or straight towards the ceiling.

After holding several breaths, return to the right position and repeat several times.


The bridge helps strengthen the back, hips and back of the thighs when the knees are aligned.

Lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet facing your hips until your fingers can touch your heels.

Keep your feet hip width apart and place a yoga brick flat on the ground between your feet to help keep your movements constant.

Press the heels on both sides of the Yoga brick, start the abdomen and return the lower back to the ground, then lift the tailbone and hips off the ground and lift them up as much as possible.

Stretch your chest and rotate your shoulders so that your shoulder blades retract and your fingers interlace under your body.

After several breaths, relax the upper back, then the middle, and then the lower back and hips back to the ground.

Repeat several times.


Half moon half moon is good for building the muscles of the knee when balancing.

Of course, if the knee is inflamed, try to avoid overloading the knee.

By using yoga brick support, you can strengthen this pose and extend the back of your thighs without putting pressure on your knees.

When you first do this pose, support it with walls and yoga bricks.

Back against the wall, turn the right foot to extend outward, parallel to the wall.

Put down the Yoga brick, bend your right knee and transfer weight to keep your right leg balanced.

Put a yoga brick 30 cm in front of your right foot and press the Yoga brick with your right hand to keep your right foot and right hand straight.

Turn your left body up so that your back is in line with the wall.

Lift the left leg parallel to the ground, and the left arm forms a straight line with the right arm.

Keep breathing a few times.


Mountain pose this pose can help you resist knee injuries and help activate muscles to protect your knees.

First stand with your feet as wide as your hips, hook your toes back and separate, and then return to the ground to rest.

Put your feet flat on the ground so that the weight is evenly distributed.

Press the soles of your feet on the ground, activate the calf muscles and quadriceps femoris, and then turn the inner thigh to open the sciatic bone.

Turn the tail vertebrae, start the hips, tighten the abdomen, retract the shoulder blades, and sink the shoulders.

Make sure your shoulders are above your hips and ankles and lift your chin slightly parallel to the ground.

Relax the facial muscles, take several deep breaths, pay attention to adjusting the muscles, and repeat the action for 10 breaths.


The triangle posture strengthens the leg muscles, removes the stiffness of the legs and hips, corrects the deformity of the legs, and enables the legs to develop evenly.

It also strengthens the ankle and chest pain, as well as relieves sprains.

Open your feet one step wide, your left foot is parallel to the edge of the yoga mat, and your right foot rotates 90 degrees.

Bend the right knee so that the ankle is aligned with the hip, keep the right leg extended from the inside, and straighten the knee.

Extend your left arm up in line with your right shoulder and extend your torso.

Keep the upper torso sideways rather than leaning forward.

The back of the legs, back and hips should be in line.

Keep your right knee straight with your eyes on the outstretched thumb of your left hand.

Keep breathing a few times and repeat on the other side.


If the knee is weak or painful, many stretches, retreats and hip poses can make the knee painful.

Sitting angle can stretch the whole body, as well as the hips, inner thighs and groin.

When doing this pose, open your legs as much as possible, sit across the yoga mat and hook your feet back to stimulate your leg muscles.

Put your hands on the ground in front of you and slowly stretch forward while keeping your spine straight.

When you start folding, you find that the spine is C-shaped.

You can put a blanket under the sciatic bone to keep you slightly away from the ground.

Keep the movement for 8-10 breaths, then bring your legs together and hold your knees close to your chest.


Simple sitting and cross legging is a common asana, which can be found at the beginning and end of yoga classes, which will make you feel knee pain.

So it’s not on your thighs, it’s crossing your legs.

The greater the bend, the higher the likelihood of knee pain, and it’s possible that you didn’t cross your legs right.

You can also sit on a blanket and place a yoga brick under each knee.

This pose can help you stretch your knees and ankles and maintain 8-10 deep breaths.


Baby pose this is a gentle knee stretch that brings the hips closer to the heels.

If the knee is painful, assistive aids are necessary.

Put your hands on your knees, your feet together, your toes outward, your knees apart, your abdomen between your thighs, your hips on your heels, your forehead on the yoga mat, and your arms straight.

If you need to reduce the knee weight, put a blanket under your knee or heel.

Keep moving for 8-10 breaths, and slowly you will become more flexible.

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