It’s better to practice yoga more or less than to practice it right

In practice, we should not focus on the difficulty of posture, but focus on feeling the knot between posture and body.

In practice, we should focus on both strength and flexibility, and give consideration to relaxing the body and concentrating the mind.

Yoga requires constant practice.

Even less practice is better than no practice.

But at the same time, remember that yoga is not as good as practicing it more or less.

Yoga asanas should be as stable as mountains and as soft as water.

Stability is the body, softness is the heart.

Mountains are not green without water, and mountains and rivers are not long without water.

The body without the mind is rigid, and the mind without the body is empty.

The beauty of yoga posture – standing posture is magical; The back bend is wonderful; Forward bending is elegant; Turning around is happy; Handstands are easy.

Yoga is the science of breathing, the science of health, and the oldest life science.

Yoga posture makes people firm, away from disease and have a light body.

Yoga is an inner practice.

Others are floating clouds.

Practicing yoga requires full commitment to shaping a complete person, so that you can feel the real meaning it brings to your body.

You can do yoga, but if you are wise and prudent, you know your ability and position…

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