Jiayi Yoga Pilates equipment training phase IV

1-hour pilates equipment training = “1-hour equipment training” + “1-hour aerobic training”.

This is enough to illustrate the efficacy of Pilates instruments.

Pilates equipment is a sharp weapon in many fields, such as small class, private education, physiotherapy, Weimi weight loss and shaping, posture correction and so on.

It can not only save physical strength, but also deeply activate the core, and easily realize functional and targeted exercise.

Make the effect of the course, get twice the result with half the effort! Pilates equipment training [Jiangsu Changshu station] the fourth pilates equipment training lasts for five days, and the registration is hot My mother has practiced Pilates for many years.

In Pilates, some training actions that cannot be completed on the mat often need to be completed with the help of large equipment, and achieve twice the result with half the effort at the same time.


Pilates invented more than 600 kinds of Pilates instruments in his life.

At present, there are five kinds of large instruments most commonly used in the studio.

Pilates big equipment – fitness equipment that the best goddess in the world will not let go! Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sun Li, Mo Wenwei, Kobe, Wang Ziwen, Guan Xiaotong, Weimi angel and other stars are enthusiasts of Pilates! Pilates instruments enhance the core function: strengthen abdominal and back muscles, exercise deep muscles, improve stable stretching muscles: improve muscle flexibility, lengthen muscle lines, adjust posture: correct bone arrangement, reshape body shape and tighten the body: quickly and effectively thin waist and hip lifting during pregnancy and postpartum: shorten the production time, reduce labor pain, and improve the rate of non lateral resection of spontaneous labor, Prevention of stretch marks, chest sagging and tightening of loose parts after delivery are globally recognized as the most helpful training method for postpartum.

Balance the body: improve sports performance, Physical therapy for injury prevention and rehabilitation: physical therapy can repair injuries Pilates # equipment # course equipment five piece set of Pilates bed / sliding bed / body shaping machine – Cadillac / swing bed, Wande chair – / stable step chair, ladder barrel, spinal orthosis 1 Comprehensive assessment of body posture 2 Pilates 5-piece set understanding and action explanation 3 Private education curriculum arrangement 4 Analysis of pilates equipment private education technology 5 Detailed explanation and series connection of Pilates instruments 6 Tips on Pilates instrument function 7 Practice of a series of movements and use of other aids 8 How to make the muscles in the core area better participate in sports 9 Reduce sports injuries and make it easier for trainers to grasp the accuracy of movements 10 Exercise prescription from slimming and shaping to hip beautifying and rehabilitation meihui tutor American League 200 hour training graduation Jiaren Meiyu founder Wang Xuehu Pilates mat course Li Xin – left and right Pilates private physical therapy course Y1 mat action Y2 exercise prescription left and right Pilates spine exercise course large equipment five piece set training bodyfly air yoga patrcia teacher training graduation dance rhyme air tutor class yoga I Level 2 air Yoga single and double point coach kfiy air yoga training graduation TT dance rhyme level 1 and level 2 graduation laughing yoga silk and satin mammy Xu Li primary and intermediate training graduation private teaching yoga wheel physiotherapy training graduation Ballet Yoga wheel training graduation teaching time 5 days Pilates teaching materials Pilates certificate allows each student to attend class immediately after learning.

The enrollment object is suitable for the crowd 1 Hope to increase projects in the library and set up competitive private education 2 Owners who want small classes or group courses 3 Fitness and yoga teachers who want to increase their income and improve their ability 4 Hope to be a friend of a versatile Pilates teacher 5 Friends who are interested in Pilates and want to get started 6 Yoga circle and fitness circle have been suffering from friends who can’t improve for some time.

7 Friends who want to have a perfect figure and slim shape accurately and quickly 8 After childbirth, yoga Baoma who wants to change her body shape! [details of Pilates training course] Jiayi yoga fitness center, second floor, No.

58, Hongqi Road, opposite Shanglinyuan, Changfu street, Dayi, Changshu City, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

Original price of the course: 3980 yuan / person, preferential price of early bird: 3280 yuan / person} remarks: 1 Limited places, small class teaching, until full registration; 2.

This training includes teaching materials and certificates; 3.

The registration is subject to the payment.

Once the payment is made, the refund for any reason is not accepted, and the quota can be transferred or transferred to the next term; 4.

registration information: name, telephone number, ID number; Registration method: scan the QR code below and consult the previous training classroom environment through wechat..

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