[Manda Yoga] the first yoga instructor training in 2022, with full video course presented

Mandala Yoga trainer · warm Manda Yoga zero foundation coach training teaching goal: what skills do you need to get from a zero foundation or ordinary yoga practitioner to a qualified yoga instructor? Yoga instructor’s basic ability training ability I.

yoga instructor’s classroom ability 1 Be able to explain and complete the advanced style skillfully Be able to guide members to correctly breathe and practice breath regulation 3 Classroom posture password is accurate and orderly, clear and concise, easy to understand, avoid ambiguity, and can cooperate with breathing.

4 It can quickly and effectively assist members, and help members achieve better practice results through auxiliary techniques, clearly understand the details, key points, requirements and effects of various yoga poses, and guide members to have a deeper understanding of yoga poses.

5 Ability to reasonably deal with classroom emergencies II.

Professional ability 1 Be able to cooperate with the work unit, complete the classroom objectives, and meet the development and performance requirements of the company.

2 Be able to establish effective communication with members and help members achieve the practice effect: help junior members overcome psychological pressure and quickly enter the practice state; Help senior members to improve effectively; Help members in need to achieve specific practice goals 3 Be able to make reasonable career planning according to the current work situation and Industry Development – Manda Yoga coach training · warmth – basic ability training of Yoga coaches 1.

Cultural literacy 1 Understand the history of Yoga Culture 2 Understand the scientific nature of Yoga 3 Understanding the essence and dross of yoga philosophy, avoiding blind worship and superstition of authority 4.

Understand the principles of yoga pose practice, sequence arrangement and classroom explanation 5 Understand the significance of the development of yoga industry, its association and integration with other industries II.

Professional literacy 1 Humility – self righteous – I have a limit in my life, and there is no limit in my knowledge.

It’s dangerous to follow the limit.

Everyone is born with ignorance as the starting point, and the way of growth is the way of seeking knowledge.


Growth – establish effective psychological representation – use psychological representation to improve skill level, monitor and evaluate your skill level, and adjust psychological representation if necessary to make it more effective.


Self discipline – time commitment – the most outstanding people spend the most time in purposeful practice.

(refer to deliberate practice for the ace training rules of the US Air Force) 。 – Manda yoga instructor training · warmth – teaching content – full and practical yoga instructor professional course, focusing on Yoga 1 Yoga Culture: the origin, history, development, philosophy, diet and School of yoga; The scientific nature of yoga; Yoga anatomy and fascia chain principle; Five practice levels of practice methods.


Yoga Asana: Sanskrit name, key points, password, assistance, benefits, entry method, self adjustment, advanced and simplified methods of asana; Effective arrangement of asana sequence and principles of asana arrangement; Yoga maintenance sequence of digestive system, nervous system and breast; Hip slimming, waistcoat line shaping, slimming, detoxification and body beauty sequence; Six dimensional hip opening sequence and chakra energy sequence; Physical therapy sequence of shoulder, neck, waist, back and knee; High temperature Yoga sequence; Self practice and improvement methods; Advanced asana practice skills..

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