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Thank you! Patangali said “yogasctitavitinirodha” swamivikekanada translation “Yoga is to balance and create peace and live in a peaceful, healthy and harmonious universe.” Master Iyengar said: “children move very fast.

They don’t like monotony and change interest.

If children take adult yoga classes, they will lose their interest in yoga and lose the benefits of yoga.” 1.

Yoga is an art and science connecting the body and mind.

When the body and mind are combined, it can naturally touch the infinite potential contained in the inner universe, help children grow correctly and effectively, and grasp future opportunities! “A happy childhood heals a lifetime, and an unhappy childhood needs a lifetime to be cured”, just as Freud, a famous psychologist and the founder of psychology, believes that the emotional experience learned in childhood will affect a person’s life.

That’s what Adler said.

Childhood experiences are mostly buried in the subconscious, become a part of one’s emotional personality, and play an important role in future feelings and behaviors.

This is not only a training on technology, but also a more accurate expression.

It is the transmission of “Tao”.

Besides technology, it awakens the purest love in the heart of everyone in it, heals every adult, returns to the right position, lights up everyone’s heart lamp, transmits this light to the children around him, and helps each child’s life bloom The Convention on the rights of the child adopted by the United Nations defines children as anyone under the age of 18.

[children’s Yoga is an interesting Yoga activity to enhance children’s physical and mental health through imitation and interaction!] Why is there child Yoga? –  Why? – environmental analysis the environment in which children live in today’s society.

In today’s society, the changing caregivers (the switching of caregivers such as parents, grandparents, nannies and aunts) cause the changing character of children; Climate pollution, too many irritants and the temptation of electronic products have formed a seemingly “busy” lifestyle, and there is a lack of interaction between parents and children; Academic and social pressure, parents’ desire for their children’s excellent pressure, bad living habits and a series of reasons lead to their children’s Sub-health! The opening of the national policy two child policy and the increase in the number of children: with the opening of the national two child policy, China now has an average of 38 births per minute, 2273 births per hour and 55000 births per day in less than two seconds.

Adult market: the number of adult yoga teachers has increased, and the supply exceeds the demand.

Adult yoga has been basically saturated; In fact, in India, the birthplace of yoga, or other countries where yoga is popular, children’s Yoga has been given priority over China, and satisfactory results have been seen.

Development needs the benefits of children’s Yoga.

Children’s Yoga allows children to find happiness in sports, increases children’s self-awareness, and stimulates children’s tactile development and neuromuscular development.

Improve children’s motor intelligence and physical coordination ability, and help children develop their attention.

Help enhance cardiopulmonary function and muscle strength.

Improve balance, flexibility and coordination.

Children’s long-term practice of yoga can improve their social skills.

Give children encouragement, positive affirmation, create a sense of self-identity and better ability to focus.

Children’s yoga can let children find the most natural state, stay away from stress and disease, and enhance immunity.

Different from adult yoga, children’s Yoga respects the principle of children’s physical and mental development, conforms to the principle of aging and meets the principle of children’s interest.

It aims to let children spontaneously develop a healthy living habit and excellent personality cultivation.

The market for children’s Yoga needs to be especially large.


1 yoga hall’s main training institution has a class for its members, and its children need to be supervised.

It is difficult to do both.

The adult Yoga market is saturated.

If you want to try a new market for children’s yoga, you want to increase campus courses and expand your audience.

If you want to promote yoga into early childhood education centers, kindergartens and schools, No.

2 yoga teachers 1 Great work pressure, want to experience the simple and beautiful world of children 2 Want to enhance their own curriculum characteristics 3 Want to be the first batch of children’s Yoga professionals 4 The need of high salary market You have the resources of educational institutions.

2 You have the resources of training institutions.

3 You have the resources of early education institutions No.

4 parents and friends 1 You find that you have fewer and fewer links with your children.

2 You find that children don’t want to be close to you You find that your child’s character develops beyond your imagination 4 On September 3, 2021, the Ministry of education, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of finance, the National Health Commission and the State Administration of market supervision jointly issued the opinions on Comprehensively Strengthening and improving school health and health education in the new era (hereinafter referred to as the opinions), which proposed to improve students’ health literacy, clarify the content of health education Implement eight measures such as the requirements of course hours.

Revise the management measures for physical examination of primary and secondary school students and include spinal health examination into the physical examination items of primary and secondary school students.

Adolescent idiopathic scoliosis is a scoliosis occurring before prophase or before skeletal maturation.

It is one of the most common malformations in skeletal muscles of children.

The incidence rate is high, which accounts for 2% to 3% of adolescents..

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