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Shaman Yoga Private Education Center – improving wealth bag

Fugui Bao is a popular name.

Fugui Bao is the place where Dazhui point of traditional Chinese medicine is located, and Dazhui point is the intersection of Yang Meridian.

Therefore, if there is a wealth bag, it will lead to Yang Qi unable to reach the head, and it is prone to dizziness, headache and blurred eyes.

If Qi and blood do not reach the upper limbs, it can cause discomfort symptoms such as numbness, pain and weakness of fingers.

From the perspective of Western medicine, the patients with obvious Fugui bag have rich subcutaneous fat.

It can be seen from the cervical MRI that some Fugui bags are caused by the widening of the spinous process space of the sixth and seventh cervical vertebrae, which can be determined by doing the X-ray of the cervical vertebrae.

Therefore, the appearance of wealth and wealth is also a precursor of cervical spondylosis.

The harm of Fugui bag 1.

If Fugui bag is relatively large, with the increase of Fugui bag, the pressure of neck and shoulder muscles will gradually increase, resulting in acid swelling and pain in the shoulder and neck.


Some people will have the symptoms of numbness of the skin around the shoulder and neck.

In severe cases, if they compress the cervical spine, it may lead to cervical spondylosis, which needs to be paid attention to.


If the enlarged Fugui bag affects the sympathetic nerve, it may also cause symptoms such as increased blood pressure, arrhythmia, rapid heartbeat, palpitation, chest tightness and other discomfort.

In serious cases, it will also be accompanied by the causes of the formation of Fugui bag such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and fatty liver, It’s the fat pad on the back of the shoulder.

The prominent fat pad on the shoulder and back is due to long-term poor posture, such as long-term lowering of the head and excessive curvature of the neck forward.

In order to maintain balance, the neck and chest segment must be backward to rub and stimulate the local fat for a long time, resulting in the hardening of the fat pad and the proliferation of fibrous tissue, forming a rich bag.

In fact, it is a sign of poor posture.

The main thing is to improve the usual posture.

Don’t always bow your head, keep your chest up, and pay more attention to the posture, so as to constantly correct it.

Many people have rich bags and large bags at the back of the neck.

When we look at the spine from the side, there is curvature.

However, due to the straightening of thoracic and cervical curvature caused by bad living habits, the pressure at the junction of thoracic and cervical spine increases sharply, and the key is to restore the curvature of the spine.

Cat pose is a very good yoga pose of physiotherapy rich bag.

The spine is flexible in front and back.

When you push your back upward, you can stay for a while to let your breath in.

Every time you inhale, your breath drives your back, and you feel that your back is pushed higher.

Fugui bag can repair welfare activities through private teaching methods and breathing exercises: experience private teaching, which is limited to 10 people.

Please sign up quickly! Registration Tel.: Cheng Lin teacher: 15809916361; Wang Ling teacher: 18129361375; Xiao Yan teacher: 18799133901..

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