Skills necessary for yoga teachers to improve their income: are you qualified for the private teaching of pregnancy and childbirth Yoga?

How to carry out pregnancy and childbirth private education? With the opening of the third child, women’s demand for “pregnancy and childbirth” is higher and higher, and every female member is 90% likely to develop into pregnancy and childbirth private teaching.

An ordinary postpartum private teaching course on the market will cost at least 400-600 yuan.

There is no doubt that pregnancy and childbirth has become a compulsory skill of yoga teachers.

What solid abilities do we need to learn pregnancy and childbirth and become a professional pregnancy and childbirth teacher? Amy’s 5-day pregnancy and childbirth Yoga private education training preparation for pregnancy | pregnancy | postpartum one-stop completion allows you to learn pregnancy and childbirth without detours, graduate and obtain a 35h certificate, which can accumulate rpyt85 in the United States.

It has a strong landing ability.

What is rpyt? Rpyt, a registered pregnant yoga teacher, is a yoga teacher who has completed the corresponding courses and passed the certification of the Yoga Alliance.

The relevant information is published on the official website of the national Yoga Alliance.

With rpyt certified yoga instructors, they are qualified to teach anywhere in the world.

About Amy’s 12-year first-line experience in pregnancy and childbirth, training more than 1000 pregnant and childbirth Yoga coaches with 10000 hours of experience in pregnancy and childbirth teaching, Amy Yifei bilingual teaching, professional childbirth guide, national intermediate rehabilitation physiotherapist, pregnant with gamma, founder of happybrith brand, postpartum rehabilitation of Union Medical College Hospital as yoga instructor, Beijing / Shanghai, Maternity Yoga consultant of many international hospitals, Beijing / Shanghai Star / pregnancy and childbirth private education consultant of female entrepreneurs, national Yoga Alliance ® E-ryt500 registered yoga instructor national Yoga Alliance ® Rpyt85 registered Maternity Yoga tutor Jennifer more, the first Chinese trainer certified and registered by the American dolphin College of pregnancy and obstetrics, authorized Amy, the first maternity teacher to open the workshop of the system independently.

Key points of the curriculum: rehabilitation during pregnancy and postpartum course features: Reshaping girls’ hips, combining rehabilitation concepts and techniques to solve postpartum pain points 01 “pregnancy yoga” Training content 10% · pregnancy preparation stress treatment practice · ovary / fallopian tube rhythm / manipulation practice · pregnancy preparation yoga practice arrangement principle · warm palace technique (exclusive secret) / practice 02 “pregnancy yoga” training content 45% pregnancy theory 1.

Analysis of five rules of safe practice during pregnancy 2.

Anatomy and physical changes of reproductive system during pregnancy 3.

Treatment and practice scheme of common discomfort and pain during pregnancy 4.

Different practice taboos, precautions and posture changes during three pregnancy 5 Changes in pelvic floor muscle, female pelvis, spine, uterus, cervix, birth canal, hormones, etc.

during pregnancy 6.

Physical changes at various stages from labor to delivery and pain relief during labor practice during pregnancy 1.

Adjustment scheme of fetal position during pregnancy 2.

Arrangement principle of private education during pregnancy 3.

Adjustment of pelvic position during pregnancy 4.

Explanation and arrangement of 60 minute pregnancy and childbirth course practice (small class scheme) 5 How to use formulas to analyze yoga postures during pregnancy and the establishment of postures database during pregnancy 6.

Relief of common pain during pregnancy (sacral pain, coccygeal pain, low back pain, edema, varicose veins, cramps, prevention of stretch marks, methods to prevent lateral incision tear) private education program for finished products during pregnancy 1.

Low back pain training program during pregnancy 2.

Constipation relief training program during pregnancy 3.

Sacrum and coccygeal pain training program during pregnancy 4.

Incorrect fetal position adjustment training program during pregnancy 5 Training plan for chest tightness, shortness of breath and rib pain during pregnancy 6.

Training plan for edema and varicose veins during pregnancy 7.

Training plan for separation of pubic bone and symphysis pubis during pregnancy 8.

Training plan for sciatica with hip pain during pregnancy 9.

Training plan for increasing pelvic floor elasticity during pregnancy, preventing urinary leakage during pregnancy and avoiding lateral incision tear 10.

Practice method for midwifery safety in the third trimester 03 “postpartum” training content 45% 1.

Postpartum comprehensive assessment, postpartum emotional care and breathing, Scar, visceral adhesion release and rhythm recovery, pelvis, pelvic floor muscle, rectus abdominis, stretch marks 2.

Postpartum respiratory reconstruction · diaphragmatic muscle release activation · intercostal muscle release activation · rib valgus / external expansion · rib angle too large / too small 3.

Immediate pelvic tightening repair · all-round evaluation, orthostatic adjustment, training · postpartum pelvic space adjustment, pelvic rotation / roll, external expansion / external rotation · pubic symphysis separation repair · sacroiliac joint disorder reduction adjustment 4 Rectus abdominis repair · separation detection · separation influence · manual treatment · correct repair training actions and ideas 5.

Pelvic floor muscle rehabilitation · anatomy, manual release · vaginal wall elasticity recovery · interpretation and analysis of pelvic floor muscle screening report · hypertonic / relaxation targeted repair exercise 6.

Postpartum visceral adhesion and rhythm recovery · cecum, sigmoid colon, bladder, uterus, fallopian tube · ovary postpartum stretch marks manual adjustment 7.

Postpartum scar manual treatment 8 Formula for safe practice of postpartum Yoga 9.

Different effects of caesarean section and spontaneous delivery on postpartum repair and corresponding postpartum practice 10 Postpartum emotional care meditation practice and confinement yoga practice sequence: from the theoretical knowledge of systematic dry goods to the practical techniques visible to the naked eye / immediate effect, and how to carry out pregnancy and childbirth private education case sharing.

For different members, different routines and auxiliary methods, 5-day course cost, 7-day dry goods content.

Amy pregnancy and childbirth training schedule, Hefei Station, may 11-15, 2022 ▽.

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