Starting from 0, systematically and comprehensively learn yoga senior coach class, yoga senior tutor class and astonga Yoga course. Private

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This course is suitable for all who want to become a yoga teacher.

Do you want to have free working hours? Want to change your life? Want to be in better shape and healthier? Lack of education and high salary? Want to further improve yourself? Everyone’s purpose of learning yoga is different.

Some people want to enter this industry full of positive energy through learning yoga.

Some people learn yoga to have a healthy body and practice more safely, while others want to adjust the state of life, release inner pressure, become more positive and enrich the spiritual world through learning yoga, Whether you want to improve, adjust, have a deeper contact with yoga culture, or be a yoga practitioner who is responsible for yourself, systematic learning of yoga instructor courses will be your best choice.

Not only does yoga asana practice, but self-discipline also requires self-discipline to practice mindfulness, righteousness and self-awareness every day.

Teacher ASA adjusted the students’ posture and guided the practice.

The lecturer, teacher ASA, was certified as a senior yoga instructor in 2015.

2018 astonga intensive learning training.

Ashtangayoga 500 hour training qualification.

Ryt200 national Yoga Federation certification.

Teacher SA mainly focuses on the training courses of senior yoga instructors, one-to-one private teaching and Mysore courses of Ashtanga, the characteristic small courses of slimming and conditioning improvement, the training of senior yoga instructors, the training and rehabilitation of physiotherapy yoga, and the teaching and guidance of Ashtanga Yoga.

Recruit students for zero foundation Yoga lovers, those who want to engage in yoga industry and those who want to be Yoga coaches.

I want to improve myself and understand Yoga learners comprehensively and systematically.

Those who want to learn Ashtanga Yoga scientifically, correctly and safely, comprehensively, systematically and on a zero basis.

Those who want to recover, lose weight and physiotherapy through yoga.

Private yoga instructor training – SYLLABUS Theory & Philosophy 1.

Origin and development history of Yoga 2.

Introduction to different genres of Yoga 3.

Code of conduct and norms of yoga instructors 4.

Eight branches of Yoga 5.

Yoga three pulse and seven chakra and chakra meditation 6.

Yoga diet and nutrition 7.

Yoga anatomy and physiology 8.

Practice of breath control method and cleaning method 9.

Yoga meditation and rest 10 Intensive lecture on Sanskrit chanting postures 1.

Intensive lecture on hatha yoga postures (in-depth study of more than 100 postures) 2.

Detailed explanation of high-temperature yoga postures 3.

Detailed explanation of yin yoga postures 4.

Detailed explanation of the first sequence of Ashtanga postures 5.

Detailed explanation and practice improvement of Flow Yoga Practice Series 1.

Explanation of advanced postures 2.

Use methods and skills of Yoga AIDS 3.

Methods assisted by pure techniques of yoga postures 4 Curriculum arrangement of Hatha Yoga, flow yoga and Yin Yoga 5.

Arrangement and application of Yoga theme courses and private education courses 6.

Practice and guidance of teaching courses 7.

Yoga fitness training 8.

Business card detoxification course 9.

Connection between yoga and life 10 Systematic learning of Yoga targeted courses ↓ (e.g.

adjusting pelvic forward tilt, solving high and low shoulders, false hip width, safe shoulder opening, hip opening, lumbar muscle strain and low back pain, solving hunchback, correct stretching, correcting scoliosis, solving low head rich bags, etc.) introduction to learning courses of Yoga advanced tutor class: Teaching from scratch, It mainly teaches authorized and certified junior high school senior hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, flow yoga, high-temperature yoga (hot yoga), Yin Yoga, five categories of very popular characteristic courses in the world.

Pay attention to the cultivation of students’ foundation, systematic and comprehensive international cutting-edge theoretical learning, Hatha Yoga course arrangement, arrangement, exercise, chanting, practice and teaching, and comprehensively learn the asana practice, explanation and course arrangement skills of Hatha Yoga.

Precise yoga asana practice, early morning physical strength strengthening practice, combined with high-density class scheduling practice in the later stage, comprehensively create a high standard, high-quality, senior yoga coach training instructor (highly recommended all-round tutor class) introduction to the learning course of Yoga senior coach class: teaching starts from zero foundation.

It mainly teaches authorized and certified junior middle school senior hatha yoga, pays attention to the cultivation of students’ foundation, systematic and comprehensive international cutting-edge theoretical learning, meditation, Hatha Yoga course arrangement, arrangement, exercise, singing, practice and teaching, Comprehensively learn the asana practice, explanation and lesson arrangement skills of Hatha Yoga.

Introduction to astonga course in tutorial training: 1 Comprehensive understanding and entering astonga 2 Ashtanga practice improvement and precision practice 3 Advanced and comprehensive practice and practice of breathing method 4 The first sequence of Astanga is scientific, safe and accurate practice methods, skills and a full set of auxiliary techniques 5 Astonga’s teaching and scheduling methods and skills 6 All asatanga first sequence postures are broken down one by one, explained and adjusted and practiced in person 7 How do individuals complete self exercises and mysore8 Jumping, crossing, handstand, back bend, comprehensive decomposition, practice and auxiliary practice, with special emphasis on: if you want to learn the traditional Ashtanga course step by step, and enter the Ashtanga self-learning practice mode scientifically and safely, and learn the styles one by one, explain comprehensively and accurately, learn teaching, assistance, practice skills, techniques, Sanskrit counting password, etc, You need to enter the 45 day comprehensive learning and step-by-step mode from zero foundation.

[astonga 1-to-10 basic training class] ● astonga 1-to-10 basic training class is suitable for Yoga members, yoga teachers, zero basic yoga lovers, astonga practitioners and yoga practitioners.

To master the scientific and correct methods, guidance and skills of practitioners.

Want to comprehensively and systematically learn and practice Ashtanga Yoga and teaching methods.

Ashtanga lovers and yoga teachers..

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