The yoga pants with chic mind show more elegant and generous temperament. It’s difficult to say you don’t love it. They are mature and

The yoga pants with chic mind show more elegant and generous temperament.

It’s difficult to say you don’t love it.

They are mature and steady.

The matching skills of yoga pants, that is, a piece for nothing, can be changed through the ornament of accessories.

Yoga Pants often seem to be various, but in fact, if you don’t grasp the matching details well, they will be very simple and rustic.

So should all yoga pants be matched with single products? What should white yoga pants match? Generally speaking, the pants swing of yoga pants can be divided into many categories, including umbrella pants, boots pants, micro pants and so on.

Among them, umbrella pants can be divided into small umbrella pants, medium umbrella pants and large umbrella pants in terms of length.

If your thighs are thick, you’d better choose medium umbrella pants and try to avoid exposing the meat of your legs.

Secondly, if you wear yoga pants with shoes, you can choose knee boots.

Because yoga pants have a relatively obvious dividing line, showing that the looseness of the coat is inconsistent with the width of the shoulders, and the coat is too thin.

And knees, not too short design and too tight cuffs.

Usually, the legs that show the length of the legs are in the bottom.

If the coat is too thin, the difference between the coat and the knee is at most 1 or 2cm, which will appear slender.

Whether it is fat or thin can be seen from the width of the shoulders on both sides and the overall feeling.

Look at the right angle, sleeveless yoga pants with a coat, you can choose a slim fit that is suitable for the lower body, but the shoes should be coordinated with the coat.

Also note that the shoes can match the length of the pants and the width of the hips.

The hem must be closed in the body cutting, so the thin effect is much better.

There are also many matching methods for over knee pants, and the slimming effect must be worse than the previous two.

Yoga pants with good slimming effect.

Straight pants, also known as wide leg pants, are characterized by spacious hem, which fully shows the waist line and leg curve.

Matching items in terms of color matching, the common ones are short coat and high collar sweater.

The shirt can be a white shirt with a gray scarf, or a darker style such as black, white and coffee.

Over knee pants are generally more slim than umbrella pants, and there is also the existence of contrast color, so it is not suitable to put too many accessories on the big pants, but to maintain the overall coordination.

In addition to short coats and scarves, the collocation that can increase femininity most is color scarves.

Dark green, white and silver gray printed scarves can not only match with yoga pants to increase the contrast of color, but also highlight femininity.

The blue scarf makes the whole look elegant.

Even on a cold morning, the temperature is generally not low.

If you want a coat, you should choose a high necked sweater coat, which can show the shoulder line and be more slender.

However, both long and short coats should pay attention to the choice of neckline, and try not to choose too large styles such as stand collar and round collar.

The matching of denim coat is good, highlighting the neat shoulder width and leg length.

Of course, windbreaker, wool coat, knitted cardigan and leather coat can also be tried.

The length of the coat can cover the pants as much as possible, so it will appear thin.

Of course, the longer it reaches the ankle, the thinner it looks.

There is also a down jacket, which can also increase the sense of fashion and highlight their small stature in the collocation of yoga pants.

If the legs are short, you can choose wide leg pants.

If the legs are long, it will be better to wear straight pants.

Coat + wide leg pants are also the best match…

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