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Why are people who practice yoga happier than ordinary people? Advance notice

“Yoga New Year’s festival” on January 10, thanks for the dolphin.

Let’s do yoga together and enjoy the “dolphin” New Year’s goods together.

Hello everyone ~ I’m your dolphin! On January 10, we prepared a different “Yoga New Year Festival” for you! This time we not only have yoga, but also all kinds of wool collection! The combination of many years’ training experience of CPT and dance can create a set of “fat burning dance” that combines the “fat burning yoga” with the “fat burning dance” of the teacher.

The most important thing is that it not only does not hurt joints, but also can effectively reduce fat! Keep practicing, not only can you consume more calories in a shorter time, but also gain a full good mood.

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The original price of the 12 spring festival couplet gift bag of patr2 “crazy discount activity of Yoga New Year’s festival” is 159.9 live room.

The original price of the nut gift bag of 9.9 liangpin shop is 188 live room? 934 a box of cut cake Prince crisp jujube live broadcast room 9.9; Shanxi Xinghua group Centennial honor gift box original price 259 live broadcast room? 9 there are more good things, you are surprised! Patr3 join the group to avoid missing all kinds of benefits.

There are little partners to accompany you to punch in yoga every day! If yoga is the biggest gift that life gives to women, then when you meet, “Yoga” is the biggest gift that yoga gives to dolphins.

I hope this new year’s festival will not disappoint you!..

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