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Yoga copywriting | behind all the peace of the world is to bite your teeth and stick to it

The yoga you have practiced is engraved in your body, in your bones, in your temperament.

Practicing yoga is not a transformation overnight.

It requires your patience, passion and persistence.

The most important thing is to enjoy this process.

The person who can practice yoga all year round often knows how to love herself day by day, improve her temperament a little, fashion and sunshine year by year, Age is a mystery.

Only those who have practiced yoga will know that yoga is not a word only related to the external appearance, but the light emitted from the depths of your heart, which leads you to meet the best yourself.

Sometimes it is hearty, sometimes it is indifferent and elegant.

It emits a faint fragrance without distractions, blooms in tolerance, returns to strength, and deduces different wrinkles that cannot be removed in life, The only thing that can’t stop aging is yourself.

Women should love themselves like luxury goods.

You can’t wear makeup, but yoga can’t be less.

Your state is your feng shui, your body is your walking card, and your words and deeds are your cultivation.

So please always keep in good shape.

What you do may not see the results.

Don’t lose heart, don’t worry.

You’re not making progress, but taking root.

If, You often talk about people’s rights and wrongs behind your back.

Be aware of your words and deeds.

It exposes your character.

If you are often talked about by others, don’t care, Just because you are too good…

Practicing yoga makes you learn to get along with another self.

You don’t need to pay attention to the speed of others.

You just need to race with yourself and enjoy your vast sky.

Seeing others is always “feeling”.

Only when you experience it personally is the process of “feeling”.

The middle process is called “experience” fine taste…

When the wind comes, it’s better to follow the wind and move towards what you think is excellent.

Slowly, you will become excellent yoga in the eyes of others, half of which is life, Half is philosophical posture, half is flexible, half is power handstand, which makes people brave, and the back bend makes people open.

It is not to practice handstand back bend for the sake of showing the physical trainer, but to learn to focus, be brave, and be open in the process of practice.

In the practice, you can find yourself stronger and softer, and the hard work of yoga, Only when you practice, you know that behind all the brilliance is hard work, and behind all the peace of the world is gritting your teeth and persistence ▼ teacher wechat ▼ recent good articles ▼ today’s preferred Yoga tutors are watching..

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