Yoga for so long, do you eat calories or energy?

Yoga is not on the way to yoga, or focus on yoga on the way to yoga.

For a long time, the focus on food is different! For example, focus on the energy of food rather than calories.

What’s the difference between energy and heat? The energy mentioned here is the energy of positive energy and negative energy, and heat is what we call calories.

We are familiar with calories.

We all know that if we eat too many calories, they will become fat.

So, what kind of food has high energy? Generally speaking, the less processed food, the higher the energy.

Vegetarian food has higher energy than meat food.

In vegetarian food, Yang plants have higher energy than Yin plants.

Moreover, seed food (such as nuts, germ and oats) has higher energy.

In the process of cooking food, the simpler the process, the higher the energy.

What impact does the energy of food have on people? Just like heat, energy will be absorbed by us.

Eating more positive energy food can reduce stress and make people happy! [eat more dietary fiber] if there is not enough dietary fiber, toxins are not easy to be excreted and deposited, and health will be compromised.

Many people face frequent social intercourse, eat more but not nutritious and reasonable, and are in a state of high calorie and low nutrition.

If you don’t get enough nutritional supplement or excess for a long time, it will induce related diseases.

[pistachios] pistachios can prevent tachycardia when pressure strikes.

Experts say that in the face of stress, the cardiovascular system will respond immediately due to the stress response.

As pressure increases, adrenaline raises blood pressure, so it is necessary to reduce the pressure on the heart.

Experts found that eating a handful of pistachios a day can reduce blood pressure and reduce the burden on the heart.

[brown sugar] brown sugar is warm and sweet in nature.

It can strengthen the spleen and warm the stomach.

It also has the effects of relieving pain, promoting blood circulation, tonifying blood and dispersing cold.

When you are too busy or too lazy to do it, simply soak a bowl of brown sugar boiled water or ginger sugar water, and you will feel that the heating goes directly to the Dantian, and your blood will be activated.

[almonds] when you’re going crazy in a mess, grab a handful of big almonds first.

Almonds are rich in vitamin E, an antioxidant that can enhance immunity.

Almonds also contain vitamin B, which can help you face exceptionally bad events.

Eating about a quarter cup of almonds a day can effectively reduce stress.

[meat and vegetable collocation] there are many entertainments in the workplace, and it is difficult to avoid big fish and meat, so we must remember the meat and vegetable collocation.

Once there are too many meat and vegetables, people are easy to get tired.

At ordinary times, properly increase the intake of bean products and fish.

Bean products have a lipid-lowering effect on hyperlipidemia with excessive fat intake, and fish containing unsaturated fatty acids are also beneficial to lipid-lowering.

Be sure to chew carefully and swallow slowly.

Eat as many vegetables as possible.

The ratio of vegetables to meat should be 3:1 to 4:1.

In this way, even if you eat too much fat, it can be excreted with the dietary fiber in vegetables.

After practicing yoga for a long time, you will be more sensitive to the body, not only fat and thin, not only rigid and soft, but also internal energy.

Do you feel it? Yoga is your energy!..

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