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Yoga pose suitable for sleeping, relax your body, calm your heart and make you full of vitality the next day

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With the development of society, the pace of life is faster and faster.

Our daily life is like climbing a mountain.

After climbing this mountain, there is another one.

I don’t know when it will end.

How long have you endured silently in your work and life? Here, some people may say that my life and work are very hard, but every time I come home from work, I will lie on the sofa watching TV or brush my mobile phone in bed.

Isn’t that relaxing? Lotus can responsibly tell you today: of course not! Relaxation refers to the change of attention or control over things from tight to loose.

There are many ways to relax, such as imagination relaxation and muscle relaxation.

Physiologically speaking, relaxation can be divided into psychological relaxation and physical relaxation.

Watching TV and brushing mobile phones obviously do not meet the requirements of psychological relaxation.

Whether lying on the sofa or in bed, muscle relaxation may only exist in the initial stage because of maintaining the same posture for a long time, and even damage muscles and ligaments over time.

Real rest and relaxation should be from the inside out.

You can achieve inner peace through meditation, from inner peace to physical harmony and unity.

In this process, you have a clear mind and no distractions in your heart.

You can breathe through your nose and mouth to calm yourself down.

You can also use intercostal breathing or abdominal breathing to recuperate yourself in deep relaxation.

The specific actions are as follows: the soldier’s first move (left), turn the left toe to the right and left, buckle the right foot a little more, inhale both arms, palm up, bend the left knee when exhaling, keep the lower leg vertical, rotate the pelvis and chest to the left knee, push back the right heel again, touch the ground with the heel, and lift the chest and arms up.

The first style of soldiers is completed.

Keep breathing evenly here, tighten the hips, don’t collapse, and feel the extension of the body when breathing.

Wide angle stretching, now relax your legs, spread your legs to both sides of the body, enter wide-angle stretching, and push your hips back.

The pelvis can stand up, slightly tighten the thighs, the toes will rush into the sky, the heels will push outward, the back will be elongated by inhalation, and the breath will sink from the hips.

You can choose to push your hand to the ground, straighten your arm, or bend your elbow, which will support the ground.

If flexible, it can be applied to the whole abdomen, chest and forehead.

Of course, this posture is very difficult.

Don’t force.

Always pay attention to the feeling of the inner thigh, stay at the edge of stretching, and then pay attention to breathing.

Turn our thighs upward and tighten our hips.

Imagine that your tailbone sinks backward and extends downward to the ground instead of tilting upward.

Lengthen the inner thigh to the far end, relax the position of the trunk, relax the face, and then take a breath.

The cat is balanced, with four feet kneeling on the mat.

First, start breathing adjustment.

When exhaling, close the stomach, empty the gas in the stomach, lower the right leg forward, inhale and fall, exhale and lift the leg, inhale and fall, inhale and breathe, and feel the rhythm of the legs and abdomen.

Every time you inhale, the stomach will exert force, the thigh will send forward, and when you inhale and release, you will feel sour.

This is normal.

Put your right leg back and push your right heel back.

Keep the right body level, first point the left hand forward to the ground, and then lift it up after it is slightly stable.

Adhere to three groups of breathing, keep an eye on the fixed point in front, shake the body normally, pull the body backward, and finally breathe down.

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